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i have a Website in Germany for Insurence.
Can you help me to get on the first Page from Google with the folling Keywords: Berufsunfähigkeit and RiesterRente.
Thanks for all
All the Best

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    Hm, I don't know how much competition your keywords have in Germany, but first I will build few squidoo lenses, hub pages, blogger blogs... and put some articles on each of them. You will get some back links that way. You can also post comments on related blogs. Also don't forget to submit sitemap to google. When your site get indexed add more articles to your site and get more back links. Ezinearticles is also good site for consideration. Submit few good articles to them and you will get traffic from them immediately and also few great back links pointing to your site.

    Get Unique Content Rich Website... I Will Build And Promote It For You (WSO)

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      Thank you very much. Do you nowgood Blogs in Germany and Articel Houses? Did you have more for me? Can i find in Warrior Forum Minijobs loke MTurK?
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    And also is good too, dofollow blogs which have removed nofollow tag and dofollow social bookmarks can be good considerations
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    I don't know any German, so wouldn't know how competitive these keywords are, but the first thing you may want to do is check how many searches this keyword phrase gets using the Google Keyword tool, just to make sure there is a good number of monthly searches. Also type your keywords into Google to see who you are competing against.

    You should make sure that you have your keywords in the <TITLE> tag, description tag, in the heading tag (i.e. H1) and mentioned throughout the body of your page.

    Next work steadily on getting lots of good quality backlinks from a variety of sources e.g. from article writing, blog commenting, forum posting, directory submission etc. Make sure your keywords are in the anchor text for a good proportion of the backlinks, but also use some simar keywords to make it look natural.

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    Hi Joerg,

    I would take a look at your site own structure before moving on to relationship marketing. Optimize your site based on important factors and you're site will gain google positions much quicker. Here are some top-ranking factors I tore from other sites:

    OCTOBER 2005 - Top Weighted SEO Factors
    • Title Tag - 4.57
    • Anchor Text of Links - 4.46
    • Keyword Use in Document Text - 4.38
    • Accessibility of Document - 4.31
    • Links to Document from Site-Internal Pages - 4.15
    • Primary Subject Matter of Site - 4.00
    • External Links to Linking Pages - 3.92
    • Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community - 3.77
    • Global Link Popularity of Site - 3.69
    • Keyword Spamming - 3.69

    APRIL 2nd, 2007 - Top SEO Factors
    1.Keyword Use in Title Tag
    2.Anchor Text of Inbound Link
    3.Global Link Popularity of Site
    4.Age of Site
    5.Link Popularity within the Site's Internal Link Structure
    6.Topical Relevance of Inbound Links to Site
    7.Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community
    8.Keyword Use in Body Text
    9.Global Link Popularity of Linking Site
    10.Topical Relationship of Linking Page

    The other important thing to determine is which keywords you plan to optimize your site around. Again, I don't speak much German but if you are competing on highly competitive keywords I would suggest you select a list of 10-20 Long-Tail keywords to optimize your site around.

    If you follow these steps to optimize your own site on the keywords with the most potential, you should find your site climbing the Google ranks a little quicker. After you've done that, make sure to take the other advice in this thread - as link building is also a key SEO strategy. (TIP: If you know your keywords, then try and get those keywords in the anchor text of your linkbacks.)

    Good luck and I hope it all works well for you. Cheers,
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    i thank you all very much for Helping.
    Did anyone know someone how can do this for my Page? I mean Artikel Posting, Backlinks, Blogs comment?
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      I sent your request and contact information to a friend of mine in Switzerland. He is a webmaster and does SEO consulting.

      He should contact you soon if he has time for another client.

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    Its going to take a little reading to understand all about Article Writing and Posting, Backlinks and Blogging.

    I personally do not know anyone who can blog for your page but you can purchase articles online written for you. You can do a search on a search engine for "Article Writing"

    I would do a search on wikipedia, because they explain it nicely for people new to marketing online, for "blogging" and "backlinks"

    The blogging and article writing is used to help with your backlinks.

    Good Luck to you!
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    Here is a list of over 100 website with Do-Follow links. Try to link using your keywords as anchor text:

    List of Over 100 Do Follow Websites
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    Write articles and post them on websites such as

    This will give you backlinks.


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