The Best Way to Get a Domain When Making an Article Directory

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Hi all,

I'd like your thoughts on this topic. How to get the best domain if you are to make an article directory.

Here's a couple of suggestions. And I am inviting you to come with more.

Browse though lists of companies which are going bankrupt. Most of them have websites, some 10 years old and more, and few of the business owners know that old domains have some value simply because of the age. Contact them and buy it. Convert it to an article directory.

Find bloggers who quit blogging. Many people blog for fun, not for money. When it stops being fun, they stop blogging. Find such blogs and offer some symbolic sum for the blog. Convert it to an article directory.

I know what some of you are thinking, where's the money in making an article directory? Well, in English it might be a tough marked, but in other languages there aren't many of them, and it's much easier to make a buck from it. Enough about that. Let's keep this on topic. How to find a good domain for a article directory.
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