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My website had good rankings few days back. Someone hacked my website. I had to restore 2 days old backup. I was able to restore it after many hrs of hard work and understanding technical aspects. But still site was down 8 hrs.

Result : I lost my rankings. Went from page 2 to nowhere.

After that got my rankings back to page 3.

After that current hosting provider was having many server problems. My site started remaining down for atleast 15-20 minutes every hour. (i moniter uptime of my site using a 3rd party service).

Result : I started looking to change my hosting provider.

I looked for a very great and reliable hosting provider. I searched online for many hours and at last found a good reliable hosting provider. They had many good reviews and their server uptime was 100% in last 6 months. (confirmed with many sources).

I started transferring my website. But my website got into another techinical glitch. It was down for about 2 hrs during the transfer.

Website ranking dropped from page 3 to nowhere.

Next day i came to know that all the posts in my wordpress blog were duplicated. I had 120 blog posts and now there was 240 blog posts.

Google had crawled 100+ duplicated blog post. I deleted all 120 blog posts myself.

After that my rankings improved from nowhere to page 3 to page 2!!

Now, new hosting provider which had a great track record of 100% server uptime since last 6 month is disappointing me. (just been with them for 2 days)

They are having a server problem and my site is down since 2 hrs.

Latest Result : Rankings gone from page 2 to nowhere.
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    This is like a very bad dream where everything goes wrong.

    Sorry to hear, hope you recover quickly!
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      Originally Posted by lovboa View Post

      This is like a very bad dream where everything goes wrong.

      Sorry to hear, hope you recover quickly!
      Originally Posted by patco View Post

      What a real bad luck... I hope to hear good news from you as soon as possible. Good luck
      No good news still. Site is down since 10 hrs now. Current hosting provider offered me a refund.
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        I'm sorry to hear. This happened to me one year ago. All my sites were down for one day, but my Pay Per Click campaigns were running. ( I wasn't checking my sites that day).

        Maybe our WF members can give you some recommendation on the best hosting providers, just post your questions here.

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    Hey I want to recommend a host: webfaction

    I have not experienced downtime with them what so ever. It is really easy to host sites with them, just make sure to read the documentation. I have used dozens of hosts, and find these guys know what they are doing. It does cost $9.50 per month, but it is 100% worth it.

    Full shell access with SSH and SFTP
    Full backup of all your data to remote servers every day
    One click installer for tons of applications including WordPress, Drupal, Rails, Django and a lot more
    Unlimited websites & emails
    Disk Space**** 100GB (upgradable)
    Bandwidth (per month) 600GB (upgradable)

    60-day money back guarantee!!

    I have been with them for over 8 months now and everything is smooth and fast. Phenomenal support and documentation. Their community is a real great one too, lots of active users that talk in the discussions over their.

    "The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today." - Elbert Hubbard

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