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Hi everyone i need help about outsourcing backlinking. I realized that backlinking is boring process plus i can do more income generating activity instead of linking. So first: where i can find outsources and secondly how much does it costs to hire relatively good SEO person for backlinking.

Thank you
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    Check out the 'special offers' section of the forum and the 'products and services'

    Many great services out there.
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    I have found some really good gigs at fiverr.com - just search for backlinking and sort by highest rated - not bad for $5 a pop, especially if you value your time!
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    Id try Fiverr or Odesk just make sure you check some you do not get some clown putting 100 links in 1 post and the PR is on the page your link is on
    Steve - Ga RedNeck
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    Hi sandy here, this really depends on how much you want to spend on link building. If
    you have a reasonable budget, then I would recommend you to find a ( Virtual Assistant) to help you with that. - For Philippine Virtual Assistant it will cost you around $300 per month.

    If not, you can check out link building services here at the forum and try them a try.

    Hope that help.
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    Better to hire someone from odesk. I do not recommend fiverr as most are overused blog networks that doesn't even indexed by google.

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    Well I would say definitely check here first, then go onto fiverr, they have really good ones, check out the one below
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