My backlinks have disappeared

by fin
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My site is still ranking but Ive checked market samuri and every backlink to my site has gone.

Then I checked site explorer and its confirmed I no longer have backlinks.

Any idea what could have happened as I dont want to fall out the top pages.
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    did you made any backlink blast recently ?

    A couple of months I ordered an AMR (submit an article to 1.200 Article directories) fiverr gig.

    My indexed backlinks were about 120 but after the AMR blast was shown '0'

    After a little while my backlinks were increased !!

    so don't worry......and keep getting backlinks consistently
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    Yes mate, thank you.

    You have saved me a headache.

    I just ordered an AMR blast so its good to know they will return.
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    Market Samurai isn't Google. Google won't just lose your backlinks. It doesn't really work like that. Don't worry about it. That said, sonic is correct if you're worried about Market Samurai's reporting feature being broken.
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    It will show.Sometimes because of some faults/overloaded it wont show your backlinks
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    monitoring your backlinks isnt really all that important, as long as you are ranking well. If you want to be safe, gradually continue building backlinks
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    I think your backlinks got penalty by google, they got banned.
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    Just rebuild them will restore your ranking, don't worry. Unless your site is sandbox and no where to be found, you are ok.

    Powerful Indexer That Makes Your Backlinks Count ==> Nuclear Link Indexer

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    This seems to be happening to a number of people recently (including me a month ago).
    The thing is...they always came back.
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