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My bounce rate is 65.31% is it good or bad?

I don't know what it means about bounce rate?

Thanks in advanced!
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    Depends on type of site you have - for affiliate site its good, for normal service or product selling site ideally around 35% bounce rate is good to have.
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    Thats NOT good.

    What it means is that people come to your site and most exit without really doing anything on your site, or click back button.

    Sounds to me that your site needs improvements in either design or content.

    Put a you tube video on it or get your visitors to interact with your site other ways such as sign up to a newsletter etc.

    I like to use the target_blank html code on my links which opens up new tab if they click my affiliate links so my site still stays open in their browser for a while longer.
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  • From experience that's about average. Now, what you want to do is decrease that percentage because right now that is saying that 65% of people are landing on one of your pages and then jumping off. Some effective ways of doing this are making sure your navigation is clearly defined and maybe you offer similar content next to one another. For instance, Amazon does this well when they offer you other things you might be interested in.
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    It depends on what site you are having. For general news and informational site it's average for your %. For niched sites, its definitely not good.
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  • Ok I am gonna explain it more clear just in case you really didnĀ“t understand the posts before ( although they are all right)

    A bounce is when a person enters your site and leaves it witout taking any further action as reading another post or navigating through your site or stays at least the time it takes to read your article (google calculates the words the article has and estimate how long it would take to read it completly). From my experience bounce rate is very important. The lower your bounce rate the better google ranks you for the keywords that have low bounce rates. If people are searching for news on IM for example, google puts you on #8 and everyone that comes to your site through that keyword stays for 5 mins, reads the post and even navigates further into your website, google thinks that for this keyword your information is propper, so google ranks you higher for that search. Try to optimize your bounce rate to somethiong around 20-40% that, from my experience, helps you alot in ranking.

    Hope I could help.
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    It’s quite simple really, but also very telling… the bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who only read the page that they saw when they arrived at your site. In other words, a bounce rate of 65.31% means that 65 out of each 100 visitors to your site do not click on any links on your site!

    Here are a few ideas which you could adopt to improve your site’s bounce rate.

    Ensure that in-text links are obviously links. One school of thought suggests that links should always be displayed in blue, because that is the default used by simple sites for many years now.

    Ensure that links are “active”. By this I mean that when hovered over, a link changes characteristics (becomes underlined, bold, changes colour etc)

    Ensure that your links have a tool tip. If this is so, you’ll see that little box with details of the link when hovered over. Ideally, the tool tip should provide your visitor with an incentive to click on the link.

    Place links in close proximity to where your visitor will be looking. A good example of this would be to arrange the visual flow for a shopping cart content as

    order now button
    Break up menus into small logical groups of links with headings.

    Ensure that each visual element of your page has a clear indication of the next step that you want your visitor to take.

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      Thanks everybody for explaining the meaning of bounce rate.
      I'v learned something important today. :-)
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      • Originally Posted by Anna1956 View Post

        Thanks everybody for explaining the meaning of bounce rate.
        I'v learned something important today. :-)
        you could press the "thank button" for the posts that helped you rather than just saying thank you in a message =)
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    Hi all. Bounce rate is not good for the site, putting relevant content on site helping for reducing bounce rate.
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    Bounce Rate is calculated when the visitors leave your site from any pages. The Good bounce rate is below 50%. The bounce rate decrease when The visitors stay on more time on your site. so provide the good content and useful news to the visitors. It is one of the factors o Google to analyze the relevancy.
    Off Page SEO :rolleyes:
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    That is the reason to call content is the king. Your site may be at the first page for years together and what would happen if you do not have quality content? The visitors visiting your website will jump off and it is called as bounce rate. To avoid this, content and other links must be changed more often.

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    It is right that if visitor visit our site and without spending much time , he dropped it then our site get bounce rate. And high bounce rate be cause for decreasing page rank. I agree murrad that one should update content on site day by day , or provide something new so that visitor stick to our site.
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    The longer time people stay at your site, the shorter bounce rate you will receive. To decrease the bounce rate:

    1) review your website design
    2) review your content
    3) attract only the quality visitors (target only your target market)

    Basically all the above are crucial in order to keep people stay at your site. All the best to you!
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    65% bounce rate is extremely high. 20-30% is a good average.
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    Originally Posted by sappacis13 View Post

    My bounce rate is 65.31% is it good or bad?

    I don't know what it means about bounce rate?

    Thanks in advanced!

    Bounce Rate should be low. This is important factor for our website.If Bounce Rate will be increase there is a negative point for our website.
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    basically bounce rate is metric used in web analytic packages ,essentially it lets you know how a person has interacted with this page. if they have bounced that means they have not liked what they have seen and left the pages.
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    Bounce Rate is a measure of visit quality and a high Bounce Rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. Personally I think if your sites bounce rate is > 60% you’re probably not attracting qualified traffic
    and If its around 40 – 60 then you could try a different strategy with your content to keep people interested.
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    better if you lessen the bounce rate coming to your site. If you made it, then probably the visitors have satisfaction to remain, you would have traffic that matters for staying more on your site.
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    in a briefly saying. bounce rate means how many people entry your site and then leave without further action on your site.the higher your bounce rate is, the more modification on your site content you should do. because, the reason why visitors leave after entry, is due to they cannot find their wanted information.or the information is different with what you said in you landing page.
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    That's not good. Bounce rate should be always low.

    Webgyor Global.
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  • Bounce rate means people come to your site and left your site from the landing page
    If 41% bounce rate it means so so preferably, you want your bounce rate to be between 20 and 40%.
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