Whats the basic idea here?

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Sorry, but please humour me.

I hope this doesn't cause any offence by stating this in layman terms.

So you find a keyword with a high search count adn low competition using adwords. Register domains and build a site, work your ass off at getting the site listing as high as possible on search engines, then what?

Do you:
a) sell a product you have sourced somewhere or an ebook?
b) offer free information and have paid advertising on the site?
c) direct link to a site that sells what the customer is searching for, (referral money)?
d) something else
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  • You can add Google Adsense on your site. That means you write articles yourself and have advertisement on your site and if your visitors click on that adsense box, you earn money.
    Another option is affiliate programs, there are thousand of such programs, the most reliable in my opinion in Amazon. You choose some products from their list and put the link of that product on your site. If your visitor buys that product from your link, than you earn the commission.
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    You'll find there is not one answer to this question unfortunately (or actually maybe fortunately).

    Different traffic converts better for different things so it is a matter of testing and optimising until you find the optimum monetization method.
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    As other warriors have stated a site can be monetised in many different ways, you can provide products and paid advertising, you can provide paid review, you can use adsense, CPA offers etc.

    My advice would be to have a look at other successful sites within your niche and see how they are monetising their sites. This will give you a good indication on what is working well for others.

    Good luck

    Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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      Wow, thanks guys,

      I thought I would only get the usual (other) forum sarcastic replies. You lot are a nice bunch.

      Hope to see around the forum!

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    b) offer free information and have paid advertising on the site?

    I think that is the best choice, because they can have a chance to view first the info.
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