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Hi Guys,

Newbie here... I have a question regarding to backlinks. I created my website 4 days ago and I just got indexed by google. I created many backlinks using wordpress, goarticles, and etc.. but when I checked or market samurai, I did not find any backlinks for my site. Could you please tell me what is going on?

Thanks in advance for you help!
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    Just keep on plugging along and let the stats take care of themself. Keep on building backlinks in a consistent manner. Many of your backlinks won't show up either because they haven't been indexed or "just because". I think that Yahoo site explorer is even defunct now.
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    They will show soon enough resist the urge to keep checking and keep building the links. Focus on your on page seo aswell. A good internal linking structure is very important.
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    A lot depends on whether those backlinks will ever count or get indexed. Lot of factors into account such as how deep they are and how many other backlinks are on the same page, page rank e.t.c..
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    Create backlinks by creating Squidoo lenses entirely free of charge. You can promote your sites at your lenses and sell various products at the same time. Here is how to easily create many lenses:

    You are also paid by Squidoo just for creating lenses. Many people are making money this way.
    Check your backlinks through Yahoo:

    You’ll see that not all backlinks always appear… but it gives you a good idea.

    Use also very interesting content so that your website may have a good ranking. Original content is very important now, after Google’s changes.
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    You should ping the URL's after creating backlinks to increase the chance of getting them indexed.

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    I haven't had any backlinks on market samuri for about 5 days now.

    I dont know if its my site or the software.

    They are still ranking the same though
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    cooler1, what do you me by "ping the url?" Sorry.. Im really new to this thing.

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    I don't know if you registered at any web 2.0 site. But this is also a good way to get some quick backlinks.

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    You can create some great backlinks using web 2.0 buy registering and posting some articles. I use those that are blogs so they are easier to semi automate. Also you can get some quick links submitting to classified ad directories, if you have a product or e-book to promote.

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