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I am having very low CPC ads. Can you plz give list of sites we should block in adsense which gives low cpc.List should be latest .
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    Theres no "list" of ads that anyone can tell you.
    Every site will show different ads.
    If your site is about insurance, it will show ads about insurance.
    If your site is about colleges, it will show ads about degrees / education.
    And blocking sites is not the way to increase cpc. Finding a niche that will show
    high cpc ads is how to increase cpc.

    Also, targeting. If your site/ads are targeted for the US and someone from Asia clicks on your ad, it will usually not be more than 10cents.
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    Yes and NO.

    It's all relative to your site and niche and what people are willing to pay for it or what google decide to set as minimum for that niche.

    If you are not in a high CPC niche you will not get high CPC no matter what you do. A niche where max CPC is .30, limiting low cost ads wont make too much difference.

    If you are in a high CPC niche you can potentially get more high costing clicks if you minimize the amount of low CPC ads. But if there are not taht much ads going around for that niche by limiting the amount of ads being shown you run the risk of no ads showing.

    Michael Lee

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    Just leave them a click is better than nothing.
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    The high CPC also depends on quality of the website and keywords.
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      Google says to allow text and graphic banner ads, which will increase competition to your site for ad space.

      Sounds like if you limit who can advertise, then the advertisers that do post on your site will be less because there is less competition.

      Check top 300 Google SERP results free. WhatsMySERP.com tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    do you have mobile or desktop traffic???
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      what type of traffic are you looking out for???
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        I have a magazine sort of website youthfrenzy.com. it's been 3 months and I have just made $40 through adsense. My CPC is almost no where. What should I do. Does CPC gets increase after your first $100??
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