How do i target different keywords?

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How do i target different keywords? For example: iphone screen repair
iphone screen repair london,iphone screen replacement,iphone repair london,iphone repairs london,iphone 4 screen repair,iphone 4 screen replacement,iphone repairs,iphone 4 repair.

I am confused because some keywords are nearly the same but just with an s on the end but all bring in more traffic so how can i target one by one.For instance my url or meta description coudnt target all keywords.Do i create a new page for different keywords? Please help Thankyou
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    please check your email box.
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    Personally I target keywords that are the same but with an appended 's' on the same page. If you're going to target "iPhone repairs London" and "iPhone repair London" for example, you should target the two keywords on the same page.

    You could also backlink for "iPhone repairs" on the same page, however CTR may be affected if they see the location in the title, URL or description.

    If however you're only targeting London anyway, CTR shouldn't really be a consideration thus you could target that keyword too on the same page.

    The title and URL would include the keyword along with the meta description - in many cases adding your own meta description will increase the CTR - depending on how you go about it.
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    Take a proper care of onpage SEO. proper means proper. and for each page make backlinks with relative anchor text .
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    Please dont comment if your just trying to get your posts up.
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    in my opinion. if you have enough time and energy, the best way is to make different page for different keywords, in this way, it can highly increase the relevance.
    and if you do not have enough time, you'd better make more relevant keywords for one page. the more relevant they are, the better effect they have.
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    well if you are to target some related keywords such as keywords with s or some synonyms, it is better way to go for a single page as once you create two similar pages only for the purpose of targeting the keywords your work will be separated between both those pages. So it is always better idea to target a single keyword for synonyms or related keywords.
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    I would suggest you to go for only one page for all these keywords. But distribute the keywords according to the search volume. The high search volume keywords should be made as the primary keywords and and should be used for making the title. You can include other keywords in the description. Also make unique content and include the keywords with proper keyword density. Target high search volume keywords in the h1 tag and others in the content. I hope this works. Good luck.
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    New pages also would be my choice if you can build enough quality contents.
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    Wouldnt that be considered spammy by google, unless the longtails were very different from each other (different pages) for so closely related kws
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    I think you should make use keyword iphone screen repair london and iphone screen replacement london on same page.And build some quality links using this longtail keyword in anchor text.after you Start getting ranked for this long tail keyword go for iphone screen replacement and iphone screen repair.
    Hope this strategy works.
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