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HI Warriors,
i am interested to know how a high ranking exact match keyword will perform if combined with a) another high rank keyword not related, or b) a qualifier keyword:
For example. All the juicy TLD's have been taken. But if i add something like 'BEST' to two high rankers like 'IPAD2 PRICE' which gets 14800 local monthly exact searches, it drops to 16. But those big keywords are still there in the domain name BESTIPAD2PRICES. So, the qualifier has killed it off - or has it.
Also, if i were to combine TECHNOLOGY (18100) and IPAD (368000) it would give a local monthly exact search of 28 - and that sucks!
So are these combinations WORTHLESS?
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    Combinations are not worthless - the only thing you need to change is niche.

    There are several niches that provide perfect combinations having very high exact searches and their domain names are also available.

    Secret: Go for relationship niche.
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    Be careful about using the term ipad - it's probably trademarked. Do a bit of research. I have no idea how diligent Apple are about defending their trademarks, but they will have deeper pockets than you do.
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    They are not worthless at all.. As long as the keyword is in the domain you'll be good.. Just make sure that in your backlinks you have the target keyword without the additional words..
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