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Hi all,

If I have a webpage that I want to rank for multiple keywords, I know I can backlink to it with those keywords as anchor text, but to give it an extra boost I was wondering if it's ok to just duplicate the page and name each page copy after each keyword that I want to rank for, then just change the title, h1 etc on each page to reflect the keyword I am trying to rank for with that page.

Will Google be ok with this? I mean, I only want one page version to rank for each keyword phrase.....

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    Id personally put something new on each page, because it will look like blatant spam if a bunch of your keywords ranks

    However.. i have seen tons of people do this with no penalty
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    if you want to target 2-3 keywords for a particular page then add that keywords in your webpage content. Also add them in your website meta elements like meta keyword and meta descriptions.
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    If I were You then I will create New Piece of Content Page for Each keyword and Then Backlink different Inner pages of Website with their respective keyword..

    It will look natural as all links pointing to different pages of the site.
    It will help to rank faster as keyword will be in Title page and in headings.
    I have launched New WordPress theme's Themelocation
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    Unique content is allways going to rank better than duplicate.

    1000's of IT jobs in the UK online now at Dice

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