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I have seen many blooger do wrong commenting and do not get backlinks,do not get their comments approved. Read this blog for the useful tips to comment Tips To submit comments and get backlinks

we should follow these tips as written in the blog to do comments.Read this blog and improve your way to do comments in another blogs to get backlinks.
You can also comment on that blog because the blog is now do follow blog
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    Nice Tips, really you share useful blog commenting tips. i Hope you will share more information in Future.
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      Nice Tips but i had no idea about point 6 . it was good

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        point 6 describes (Do not comment on those articles who already have lots of comments).
        It is said there because if you comment on an article who already have lots of comments,there is less chance to get traffic from that site to your site..
        You should always comment on latest topics. Try to be the first one to comment
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      This are very useful tips thanks for sharing because i have always wondered why i dont get backlinks.
      Interior design .... where beautiful homes is all we care.
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    Rush for the first, but do not comment a low quality one

    That's the rule of thumb

    First 3 comments should be good enough.

    Alan Tay

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    Very helpful tips, thanks for the share.
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    Blog commenting is not only useful for link building, but it is also a great way to build your brand and establish your company as an industry expert. Setting a 3 sentence minimum for your comments will help you make sure you are actually leaving a thoughtful comment behind. Blog owners can spot a stock comment (Great post! Very informative. Thanks so much!)a mile away. The problem is the majority of blogs have set their blogs to nofollow meaning your links won't get much value or none from the search engines. One good thing with getting links on nofollow blogs is that you can still generate traffic directly to your website if it happens you comment on high traffic blogs. So getting several links even on nofollow blogs can be quite beneficial just for the traffic.
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    good sharing. thank u.
    in a word of my opinion, blog comment is quality and insist,
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    Below are our three main tips for better blog commenting:

    1. You should leave useful and knowledgeable comments on other people's blogs. The blogmaster is offering you something of value, i.e. the chance to gain a backlink, so you must leave a comment that adds value to his site in return. Leaving comments such as "great site dude" is of little value to the blog owner and will probably be deleted.

    2. Make sure the blog where you leave your comment is relevant to your own website or blog. Google and the major search engines take this into consideration, and you will improve your ranking only if the blog is relevant. For example, if you have a site about dog training, its pointless leaving a comment on a site about flower arranging.

    3. If your own blog is new, it probably has a PR0 (Page Rank) ranking. You should aim to leave comments on sites that have a higher PR ranking than your site does. A backlink from one PR6 site is far more valuable in Google's eyes than dozens of links from other PR0 sites. If you can find .edu or .gov sites where you can leave comments, these are extremely valuable.
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    your welcome warriors
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