Anyone using scrapebox with success?

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I have scrapebox, and have been using it with limited success for several months. A few of my sites jumped in the rankings, but a lot of them did nothing, or fell back.

I see that the links that my sites get from scrapebox, are generally unrelated to my site, and often are from a foreign country, and are sometimes unreadable to me, like Chinese symbols.

I bought pre-approved lists on this forum, but I guess that doesn't always guarantee good quality links.

I begin to wonder if Google detects this, and either does not give the links much value, or actually punishes the sites? They must be smart enough to know, that a site on dirt bikes in china, would not be likely to link to a skin care site in the United States.

What's your opinion on using scrapebox? Is it worth it, or does it hurt your sites in the long run.
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    I used scrapebox too for a couple of months and I am not sure if it did anything as I was also doing other seo stuff at the same time. But I had a very low success rate with it and the ones that were successful were most of the time on blogs with hundreds if not thousands of other spam blog comments. I think it's better to manually leave comments on relevant blog posts, you will get a thousand times more seo benefits.
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    Using such software is just like trusting your life into the hands of total stranger. I would use only directory submitters and manual blog commenting on relevant blogs.

    I have not used any link building software yet, it is best to focus on on-page SEO and take 1 hour a day to manually build backlinks.
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    Scrapebox is awesome if you use it properly. Here's what I do.

    pick you seed keyword
    use the wonderwheel feature to level 2 (or three I can't remember)
    Now you should have 64(ish) keywords
    Filter out the irrelevant ones
    I don't have any paid proxies so every few days I have to harvest new ones.
    Harvest blogs you should have a few thousand depending on your niche
    Filter anything with a pagerank of 3 or less
    now manually post your blog comments to these targeted blogs, load them up in the internal browser, if the blog isn't relevant move on immediately.
    quickly read the post and post related, high value comments.

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    Scrapebox is awesome, mainly due to the fact that it has about a million uses. However, if you're blindly blasting away at your main site it's probably going to do more harm than good. Point those blasts at lower teir links that point to your site. Or, manually comment on higher quality blogs. (Usually requiring manual approval from the blog owner.)
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      Thanks for the reply's. I think I will try Darren's and Js projects methods.

      Thanks Glenn
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        Darren has definitely laid out some awesome advice. I use Scrapebox for my projects and my SEO clients and have had a ton of success with it.

        Remember that Scrapebox is just one tool to use to build backlinks. You want to have other backlinking techniques too in order to see results.

        Be sure to check out Xrumer too.

        Hope this helps.
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    I don't use scrapebox at all. Blog commenting is not effective SEO method. The blog owner can easily change your URL.
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    Darren Hodgson thank you for sharing with us your method i will give it a try right away!
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      Scrapebox is one of the most versatile SEO tools on the market today. But blasting your crap everywhere is a pretty dubious tactic and will produce dubious results...

      Google's algo is getting pretty good at picking the good from the bad, so if you are going to use SB in a more automated fashion I recommend you use it on tiers 2 or of your link building campaign
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  • I use it to send low-quality backlinks to my higher-quality backlinks to give them more juice. Works pretty well for me.
    From $0 to $15,000 a month?
    I'll tell you how I did it with just 1 Clickbank product.
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    Scrapebox is one of the best tools i ever acquired.
    I will give out only one of my strategies, get a list scraped of whatever blogs, forums, directories. Do a PR scan and choose those PR4 and above. Then run outbound link checker and keep everything below 50. Now you have a list, usually less than 100.

    Do the rest manually.

    Sorry....I'm NOT selling anything here!

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    Scrapebox and other auto comment blogger will get you blacklisted. I would either do a Semi Automatic Comment Blog using Robotic Surfing or do it manually.
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      Originally Posted by dougyee View Post

      Scrapebox and other auto comment blogger will get you blacklisted. I would either do a Semi Automatic Comment Blog using Robotic Surfing or do it manually.
      Thanks ! I think this is the route I will go
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    when i first started using scrapebox i was like yourself. not really getting anywere!

    this was mainly donw to do random unrelated blasts!

    once i started twigging it and learnt how to use it i had great results
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    Just bought scrapebox yesterday and still in learning mode, thanks for this thread and now got some good idea..
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    I do what JSProjects suggested. Blast your second or third tier sites to an auto approve list, but no way in hell would I blast my money site. I also use scrapebox to find high pr links and then I comment on them manually.
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    Scrapebox is one of the best link building tools out there.
    With the new learning mode nothing can escape.

    Learn how to use it and use it in a wise manner.

    If you just want to use the basic fetaures without learning anything else i will give you just one hint "outbounf link addon"

    You are as good as the tools you use are!!!

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