Need Help Interpreting Google Webmaster tool stats

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ok, I'm having a helll of a time with this one site of mine not ranking for the main kw and yet a link on my page is ranking. very wierd.

So here is the situation:

I use Pretty Link plugin to cloak my affiliate links and one of the affiliate links it created looks like this it look like a page on my site)

When I checked out google webmaster tools on sites linking to me it shows that has 653 links that are linking to

But here is the wierd part...

I've never built any links on pointing back to my site and I've never used that link to build any links from any other place. So I'm not sure how this has come about.

When I try to follow the link google webmasters show to buycostumes I can't find anywhere where a link to my site appears.

Anyone got any ideas?
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