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Newb question here.

Let's say I have a product and my keyword is : Social anxiety

How important is my domain name ? For a SEO perspective.

If my domain name is something like ; Killsocialanxiety.com, But there is almost no monthly research for "kill social anxiery" , there is only research for "social anxiety", is it going to be bad for SEO ?

I have no idea :confused:

Thanks warriors
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    It's better when your keyword is first word in domain
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    Exact-match domain name still carries some weight in ranking. it is pretty easy to rank for a keyword if it is included in your domain. It is much better to use volumed keyword in your domain name instead of product name . Here are some good examples from my perspective.


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    Yes and at the end of the day YOU DONT HAVE TO have your keywords in the domain, it helps, but its not completely crucial if you cannot manage to get a domain with your keywords in it.

    You can rank SCanxiety for social anxiety if you build enough relevant links with social anxiety as your anchor text but I would not go too heavy on using the same anchor text for all links you build or that can result in a penalty for abusing the anchor text.
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    Domain name must be related your website product or work. If domain name related your work then that's domain friendly with your website .. And also you can get best result ...
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      Originally Posted by Ibcontact View Post

      Domain name must be related your website product or work.
      That's pretty definitive... and completely misleading advice.

      There is a general concensus within the SEO industry that keywords within a domain name help you rank for specific terms but by no means is it imperative.

      I would follow the advice from @Valera to be honest and work towards creating a solid onpage presence for the keywords you wish to rank for, couple this with a varied link building campaign (varied anchor texts and inbound link sources), and choose whatever domain you want.

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