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Can anyone tell me a simple and yet detailed explanation on what are those above?

Is it used mainly on generating traffic??
#adsense or ppc or seo
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    Adsense is a google program where by they pay website publishers income to place google ads on there websites.

    PPC is pay per click advertising. Google adsense is a pay per click system. As an advertiser you pay for every click generated as a publisher you are paid for every click delivered.

    SEO is Search Engine Optimization as simple as possible is - optimizing your website on page and off page to perform better in search engine results for keywords targeted.
    Hope this helps.
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    To add to Fallen Angel's, and answer the second part of your question:

    SEO is primarily for generating traffic. You can optimise a page of your site for specific keywords that people are typing into search engines, to make it more likely that it will appear on the first page of results, and therefore more likely that someone will visit your site from the search engine, and you don't need to pay Google or other search engine for it.

    An example of PPC Advertising is Google Adwords, where your advertisement will appear in the top, sponsored link, section of Google for example, when someone searches for the keywords you're paying for. Again, good for generating traffic to your site, but for this one you pay when someone clicks on the link to your site.

    Google Adsense doesn't generate traffic to your website, but if you already have a decent amount of traffic, it may generate income for you, as you will be paid when someone clicks on the ad on your site.

    I hope that helps.
    Kind Regards

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    "Fallen_Angel" above provided a brief explanation of each one.

    But you asked for a detailed explanation, so here it is:

    Adsense is a program that website/blog publishers make money with. This has nothing to do with generating traffic.

    PPC and SEO are for generating traffic.

    PPC stands for "Pay per click" and the way it works is... You place ads on Google (Google Adwords is the most widely known) MSN/Bing or Yahoo (or other search engines or programs) and you pay a certain amount (the amount that you bid when you place the ad) every time a visitor clicks on your ad.

    SEO can be on page or off page.

    On page SEO is a process that usually starts with researching to find a good keyword (with low competition and high number of searches) registering a domain containing the main keyword and including it in the title and in the META tags and interlinking your pages. Also creating great unique content on an ongoing basis.

    Off page SEO among other things include: creating backlinks by posting on blogs, forums, writing articles and submitting them to article directories, pinging new content as it is being added, etc.

    I hope that you find this explanation helpful.

    Tony Alves
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