seo process for moblie sites.

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what types of seo process we make for mobile sites .i.e. which sites open on mobile sets.
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    There are a number of different opinions running around WF on mobile SEO, after extensive researching on the matter I will continue to promote my main site instead of the mobile version. I would much rather have my main site rank in the SERPS and have my mobile visitors auto redirected to the mobile version of the site.

    Have already written at length several times about the differences in search for mobile smartphones and non smartphone search for google, whilst conforming to valid XHTML MP you will see a mobile handset icon next to your listing in non smartphone google search, I feel this should be extended to the SERPS that show up for smartphone google search. Currently google does not recognize sites that do nit validate to XHTML mp but look good on a smartphone, they consider it just another regular website.

    For the most part it is my understanding that Google will not recognize your site as being mobile if it does not validate to XHTML MP and will simply lump your site in the SERPS alongside regular desktop websites - for that reason I would rather invest my time and money ranking the main site, I feel since the content of your mobile site is limited the effort taken to rank it would be wasted, in addition I don't believe you would want to risk your mobile site outranking your main site or risk pushing your main site down the SERPS...

    That's my two cents on mobile seo - if you want to discuss in more details and want me to show you more on my research than drop me a PM.


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    Jay I agree with you that their is no need to do the seo of a mobile site you must have a mobile version of the site and that's enough for you because even if the user search from the smartphone he will see all the websites despite whether they have cell edition or not. A simple redirect will work fine
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