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Hey guys

Just wanted to see if anyone else is having problems today with there adsense, anything unusual?

I checked my account to find no earnings, zilch when usually I have about 30 quid at this time of day. I went to check my sites to find the standard "place your google ads here" displaying.

Have I been banned? Cause if I have I haven't been sent a notification which wouldnt surprise me considering the knobs google are ;-)

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    I've never seen that. Are you using WP and some plugin?
    Maybe the code went haywire.

    It is better to copy the code and manually place it where
    you want it instead of some plugin.

    If your page was disabled, you would see a blank spot,
    not a message. Unless of course, the message was in
    the background from the WP plugin/theme. That's not
    a message from google.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I find delays in reporting pretty common with Adsense. I've given up trying to find any logic in my Adsense earnings. One day they'll be above average, next day there'll be nothing posted till early evening, and then they will play catch-up. And all with very similar daily traffic.

    I am pretty sure Google obfuscate their Adsense stats that way to make it hard for people to experiment with artificial click schemes and what-not.

    I would guess you will suddenly get your numbers coming in, and there is nothing wrong - don't panic yet, at any rate!

    (are you still getting impressions?)

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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    Thanks for the responses guys.

    Sites are in xsite pro, so nothing hasn't changed on that front. Yesterday was fine, just today is really weird, especially with the sites showing no ads just the standard google advert.

    Impressions are there, they are normal, just no clicks :-( Never had this happen before. I have had delays happen in the past but this just seems off.
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    Peculiar case. I never seen such matter in my google ads.
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    I've seen delays a number of times in Adsense reporting; my reporting stats were stuck for a good part of the morning, until the CTR and revenue caught up with the number of page views.
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    I've had this happen with one of my sites recently. To be fair though it might be associated with some site downtime.

    I had an issue with the code of the wordpress theme (lesson learned about crappy footer code on non paid themes btw) but since dealing with that about two weeks ago the site is registering about 75% less adsense views (and obviously CT) than usual. However, Awstats and GWT both show the site is getting the usual level of traffic - if anything its gone up again this month despite the site being out of action for a day.

    I manually insert code so its not a plugin problem.

    If I get it sorted and think the solution can help you I'll be sure to post, or shoot you a PM.
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    Did the clicks show up in the end?

    I get a bit frustrated with Adsense simply because of the unexplained drops in CTR and CPC, even where traffic is stable.

    My single best-performing site will start the month out earning, up to $15 a day, and about 2 weeks in, CTR and CPC will plummet such that the site is earning, only $4 or $5. It's frustrating because I have no control over it - I have not changed anything on the site, it just happens.

    My guess is that it is to do with having a relatively small number of advertisers, and it may be that the best-performing ad on the site gets pulled by the advertiser or something, pushing down CTR and CPC. *Shrug*

    Adsense is definitely a numbers game - multiple sites, different niches, to keep those earnings relatively stable.

    But to have NO clicks suddenly showing, that hasn't happened that I can remember...

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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    OP, did your clicks catch up in the end? Only, I am having a "bad Adsense day" - 0.00 by 5pm on a weekday is pretty unusual, though Friday is a slow traffic today, so it might be a freak occurrence.

    Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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