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Hey ,

I have had this doubt on my mind for a long time now, and before getting into writing some articles for my websites i have to ask this question.

So, lets say i'm writing an article with 1000 words and i'm aiming at a keyword density of 3%. So basically i have to include my keyword 30 times if it was 1 word..but...

I have a Long tail keyword made up of 3 words. Do i need to include it 30 times also, or only 10 times? This is really confusing me and might be a really stupid question But i really appreciate any help

Thanks a lot in advance
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    I think you should first write your article and then count density, if it is about 3%, everything is okay. Write naturally for your readers, not for SE. If I were you, I would write in a way of using long tail about 10 times, but not 30 of course.
    Hope this will help you. Have an awesome day! =)
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    Keyword density is a factor, contrary to popular belief, that decides how well you'll rank. But there are many other factors: h1 and h2 tags on the page, bold/italic/underlined/quoted text, keyword appereance in the first and final paragraphs, etc. so razorico is right in pointing out to you that you shouldn't overdo the density. Sure, it's better to have 3% density but it's a soft guideline... not a hard rule, know what I mean?

    On the other hand, there IS a way to get a 3% keyword density in a 1,000 word article even if the keyword is 6 words long (I've been there). It all boils down to inventing catch phrases. Example: you give a tip about meeting women...

    Now THAT is what I call the right freaking way for meeting women!

    You share a don't about meeting women...

    Sure you can start meeting women with this... if you want to remain single the rest of your life that is!

    So by using some emotion laced catch phrases it's actually easy to achieve high keyword density

    “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared” – Sun Tzu

    Check out the Motriz Marketing blog for a funny yet informative, brutally honest look at the IM world in general and SEO in particular.

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    Stop looking at keyword density entirely. Seriously.

    The idea behind KD: if you use your keyword more it will make your page appear more relevant.

    The problem: Google doesn't only look at your page. You don't know the average density for that keyword on other pages in the index for that keyword. You don't know the normalization value for regulating results with different word counts.

    The conclusion: There is no way to know what the optimal density is.
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      Bing and Yahoo! like lower keyword density (3-4%). I've found that Google is almost a spamtastic search engine... They like 5-8%.

      These #'s that I just threw out come from experience and researching. But I mean come on tard... Your keyword/search term is the equivalent to ONE word in the BOT's eyes... If that's what you're targeting.

      And also, I'll just throw this out there b/c some people are confused by this... Hyperlink your targeted keyword/search term ONCE. If you hyperlink every single one of them you look dumb and extra spammy and have too many outbound links. If you have anchor text hyperlinked ONCE on ONE page... That's... Um... All you need... The bots don't care about the others... They only need to see it once coming from one URL...

      Just my 2cents.

      scott g
      "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

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    Actually the 3% is just a guide for you. Important is the keywords are in your article and the content relates to it. Because if you follow the 3% without making a great content then it would be useless.
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      Originally Posted by paigelee View Post

      Actually the 3% is just a guide for you. Important is the keywords are in your article and the content relates to it. Because if you follow the 3% without making a great content then it would be useless.
      Actually the bots can't really tell what's great content and what's not great content... They can tell what's duplicated (but don't care) and what's spamtastic... I'm sure they are smart enough to realize if content makes any type of comprehensible sense or not though too.
      scott g
      "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

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    A keyword is basically any word or phrase you use when searching with a search engine. The search engine does its best to match your words with the words on websites. SEO that confound many webmasters is the proper usage of keywords in website content.
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    Basically, let that 3-words-keyword shows up 6 or 7 times would be enough if you want to make it 3%, because Google counts all keywords show up on the page, not only in the article, but also in the header, categories, sidebar, footer, etc. So plus those keywords when making addition.
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    I think 3% is not fixed for keyword density so if your content is long then may be seem spam when using 30 keywords of 3 word each. Its more important that content should be natural
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    I would suggest you to write article for your visitors not for search engines...If your article likes by visitor then of course It would love by search engine too...
    Well, you need to include 30 times your long phrase keywords...If you use it 10 times that would be enough too...
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    it's a good question i think you should try to write a good article after that check the keyword density because seo main purpose to increase the visitors by their promotion if your keyword density more than 3% then you should use decrease keyword density.
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    Thanks so much for all the helpful replies !
    I'll start writing and see what comes out
    Your one-stop shop for all written content.

    Visit us at XYZcontent.com
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    i wouldn't focus much on the KD-this is to keep you from stuffing your article with keywords,which in turn affects the readability of your posts

    Its all about Kenya ,all the time

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    Keyword Density is the percentage of occurrence of your keywords to the text in the rest of your webpage.
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    Try to write articles for users not for search engines, Keyword density is important aspect you can use 7-8 times your keyword in 1000 words of article.
    Include bullet point in your articles
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