Some advice on Hostgator hosting Please!

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Hey guys

I have recently purchased hostgator hosting and have forwarded my domains purchased from godaddy by changing the nameservers to that of my hosting account with hostgator.

Everything is fine, sites are up and running but I noticed my sites show up at 2 addresses for example:


I assume the second example is a sub domain? Anyway, I done everything correctly going to the "addon domain" option and only just noticed this problem, if it is one.

Doing a search online it seems Hostgator know about this and have stated it won't be a problem so long as I don't build links to this subdomain. Isn't this going to be a problem anyway if it gets indexed?

Any help guys I would greatly appreciate :-)

P.S The addresses listed above are not mine I just though of random URLS as an example.
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