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I have an adsense account in google and i was just wondering about this kind of situation, is it possible to create multiple website (using subdomains) like for example

and with each different website, you will just use the same code for your adsense.

Now, what if someone(one visitor) visited the different websites and clicked on your adsense, will this be considered as invalid clicks in google adsense since the adsense are just in your one account and you only have one code but this code is just distributed in different websites? :confused:
and this one visitor is clicking those adsense and he only has one IP and clicking those multiple sites (adsense).

I'm not really sure if this will be considered as invalid clicks in google, but i'm just really asking if you guys have any idea on this one.

any advised will be very much appreciated
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    Of course. I use the same Adsense code on several sites.
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      I preffer to set up a channel for each site, i know its more work but I like to set it up that way for performace tracking purposes, & it allows advertisers to bid on your channel & place ads specifically on your site hence getting you more clicks if more people want ads on your site.
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    As long as the clicks are actually valid you should be fine with a few repeat clicks

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