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Hey everyone I have been doing a lot of researching and keep finding the same kind of answers but I need something more concrete. I know back a few years ago running an auto blogging software along with Adsense could be very profitable.

I am not the best writer in the world... okay I suck at it. That's what lead me to look for other options when I found Autoblogging software I was stoked. But I know that Google recently has been cracking the whip and making things harder for programs like that to work successfully. (At least that's what I've read.

So does it still work? Can I setup a niche Autoblog website and make money with Adsense?

I ask because I also see a lot of niche sites for sale and wonder if they were profitable then why are they selling for $20 - $60?
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    Lots of views but no answers. Does anyone know about this?

    Founder of SEORIOT.COM a Denver SEO company. We can help with Local SEO, On and Off page optimization, PPC and Social media management, Reputation Management, Web Design and more.

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    Autoblogging WORKS.

    If you have a powerful tool, that automatically finds low-competition keywords, puts them as titles and spins (this one is crucial) the content it finds - you have a winner. You can use it to dominate many long-tail keywords and actually get traffic.

    I don't know about AdSense, honestly I'd use a Clickbank hopbuilder or something like it (that automatically finds related CB products to your page). This is a much better monetization technique than AdSense which only pays you peanuts.

    Don't waste time, focus on the basics, take action and get paid!

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      G hates content scraper sites like Autoblogs. So if you are going to add Adsense and they review your websites, for some reason, all those website will be de-indexed in one go.

      G wants high quality unique content in the network. You must add value to the browser.

      I know, because I had 130+ websites with low quality de-indexed 2 months ago with Adsense on. In my 130 sites there were real business site, but G took it down with the bad quality ones.

      I tried to fix the high quality website via webmaster tools, but now they are finding other problems on my website as well, like link building!

      Don't go the fast easy road as I did. Take is easy and slowly and build unique websites that ad value and you will be ok.

      If you go with autoblogging, don't add Adsense. This will keep you off the radar for longer.

      Good luck what ever you do.


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        I've had two autoblogs with Amazon/Adsense going for a while, and until recently they were still pretty profitable. I suspect they would still be, but I got slammed after they both got hacked and I didnt notice. It was the eval base_64 hack that leaves an iFrame with a link in the corner. So the income kept coming in for ages until G decided there were malicious links on my page
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          I'd go straight to the point and i know that when you talk about autoblogs there is who basically say:

          1) Autoblogs + AdSense = BAN

          2) Autoblogs + AdSense = MONEY

          Now, i am not even getting into how ethical it is to run someone's content but here is what i technically think about it.

          Google don't like autoblogs and that is true. But the trick is to show Google that you have unique content first.
          So you can easily run autoblogs and use plugins to rewrite the content. That would make it to look unique to Google and you will be safe.

          You won't have a quality blog though but if you just try to rank and monetize with AdSense yes, it is possible.
          REAL RESULTS! Try and See!
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    I run most about 8 quality autoblogs and run adsense in most of them. There is no problem. My blogs are low traffic, though, and my earnings for 8 blogs are very low.
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    FaBiz put it well.

    But yes.. lots of money to be made if you do it right. I have right at 200 autoblogs and made over $4000 last month in AdSense.

    Here's the thing though.. autobloggers don't like to tell their secrets so you need to read between the lines and put a little work in. And Google tends to frown on autoblogs, so you do need to present it right. Since most people hear "yeah.. you can do it if you do it right" and they don't hear "this is how you do it step by step", they tend to give up on the idea right at that moment. Too bad for them.

    If you want to find success with this method, it's not as hard as you think. You need to spend this next weekend putting up 5 or 6 different types of autoblogs... and build 5 new sites with each solution. I find solutions with the smallest footprint work best. wprobot and the more well known solutions get targeted by google, I firmly believe, because I've tried them and they are always the worst at bringing traffic to my blog. Stay away from the flippa sales for the most part.. as they use the most common plugins.

    Use .info domains to save you money as you're targeting the long tail so there's no point in spending extra for .com domains. With 25 - 30 new blogs setup, you'll start seeing adsense clicks within the month. And now you have data to test with. Start backlinking if you like (I never have) and start expanding on what works. You'll have sites that do really well and some will never bring any traffic (despite the level of competition in both cases).

    Also.. people are "spin happy" and swear you have to spin your content to be successful. I can see the advantage so feel free to try it.. but I've never spun a single word and do very well.

    That's as a.b.c as I can make it without giving away the exact steps I take. All you have to do is take action and it will work.

    And stay away from webmaster tools and analytics with autoblogs. It makes it too easy to get everything deindexed at once.

    Good luck!
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  • There will be those who Get away with it for awhile. But eventually it catches up to them and the accounts get shut down.

    The will send the You are a risk to our advertisers message and you will have no means to contest it.

    If you don't have any real Adsense income you could try, but will probably fail. If you do have good adsense income from other sources you are taking a crazy risk.

    Use Autoblogs as feeder sites to Affiliate Properties, trying to game Adsense is an exercise in futility. Those days a over, long over. You missed it by about 7 years.
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    Can you do it and get away with it? Sure

    Although you are always running the risk of the banhammer coming through if your earnings get to much.

    Therefore be willing to accept the fact that you are violating the TOS and run the risk of having your account shut down at any point in time.

    My advice is to diversify, have some with Adsense, some with CPA and other affiliate programs. That way you don't have all your eggs in one basket. Also, for the sites that you don't have Adsense and run affiliate/CPA only don't connect them all with the same Analytics or Webmaster Tools account, that too is asking to get your sites banned at once.
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    You can also build or let me build micro niche sites and content written by writers. It is not so expensive as you think. Just have a look at and see what you can outsource for peanuts.

    good luck !
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      Google's news page is all auto-blogging, if you want to
      know the truth. People mix this stuff up all the time,
      taking what google says out of context, putting their
      own nonsense in, and coming up with crapola.

      There is nothing inherently wrong with auto-blogging.

      Notice how google shuts plenty of sites down that
      are not auto blogs? So, what, those people were
      safe because they did not auto blog? Of course not.

      But you have plenty of people who say stuff like that,
      "Gee I was not auto blogging, I had unique content,
      I had a privacy page, but still got shut down..."

      None of those things has anything to do with getting shut

      Let's fill in the blanks left by people that don't quote the
      whole story.

      Don't use scraped or copied content and offer no real value.

      But see, you could put anything in front of the bold words,

      Don't make any website....and offer no real value.

      Don't ___________________ and offer no real value.

      Google will take action against domains that try to rank more highly by just showing scraped or other auto-generated pages.
      Now let's quote the real story:
      Google will take action against domains that try to rank more highly by just showing scraped or other auto-generated pages that don't add any value to users.

      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Regardless what anyone says this debate will rage on for years to come.

    The factual answer to your question is that yes you can still make money with autoblogging and adsense. All of the ethical BS aside, it can be done and it can be done safely. I personally dont have adsense on every one of my sites as I focus primarily on affiliate offers with my autoblogs but I do have it on some of them and I haven't lost my account yet (even post panda) and don't expect to because as Josh said...

    I do it right

    Am I (or most other autobloggers) going to spell that out for you in a nice neat step by step PDF with

    You will find it difficult to track down successful autobloggers who will do that but there are a few. There were a couple of WSOs on this and it might help you to do a search for that. If I remember right one or two of them are still running but I never followed through with thier programs (even though I bought them) because my own approach works fine for me. I just like buying WSOs to see whats out there...never know when you might learn something new.

    Point can be done and to briefly touch on can be done ethically as well...

    Good luck!
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