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I am curious if there are numbers associated with the competition bar on keyword. ie, what does a half filled bar mean and so on. Also is there a correlation to the bar and the numbers you see when you Google the keyword/phrase?

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    The bar is more filled with the more people competing to bid for that keyword. The less the bar is filled, the less people are competing and your bid will likely win with a lower price.

    As for correlation. No. Buyer keywords, or keywords that people wanting to buy a product would type in, always have a fuller bar, as more people are competing for it.

    If you're bidding on adwords, chances are you're trying to sell something. So you're targeting buyers, not just anyone.

    Some buyer keywords have very few search results, some have many.
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    Those bars indicate the current number of paid advertisers for the associated keyword. So, for example, "cheap hosting" is very high competition because many businesses are paying Google to advertise centered around that keyword.
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    Hello Buckeyedave

    Well Here is one of the Secrets of the Keywords that I would like to reveal to you:

    There are Good Keywords and Bad Keywords

    Good Keywords like "Internet Marketing Members Area", "Affiliate marketing Members Area" there are the keywords that people use who are serious and ready to buy and add on to there kitty.

    Bad Keywords like "FREE", FREE DOWNLOAD" "scrach", ETC., where in you will get traffic but these keyword users will not buy they are looking for free stuff.

    need more help L-M-K.
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