What Login option to chose for "best" Blog commenting backlinking

by Valtan
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When you comment on blogs to get some back links, often times you don't get the usual "name: email: website: comment:" option... instead you get the login options,... Which are usually:
Facebook connect
Twiter connect
open ID

What do you think the best login option is?

(you can check out the details about this question in the video below)

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    For higher approval rate on these types of comment platforms, the best login in would be that one that contains enough information about you. So for instance, you just commented "nice post", but you used your facebook credentials for this comment. If I am the owner of the blog post you are commenting like this, I would think twice before trashing it. If I have time, I would go over to your profile and see if you have real connections and then consider your spammy "nice post" comment.
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      To be honest I think blog commenting is a waste of time considering all the other options available to build back links.

      Most blogs are no-follow and even the ones that are do-follow have so many outbound links the links you do get back are worthless.

      The strategy is still popular because it's easy to automate and outsource, but I think in the long-term blog commenting is useless from an SEO perspective.

      I do want to qualify my comments however. Commenting on relevant blogs in your area with other interested parties (actually conversations) may not help your SEO but it will pull traffic to your site. In most cases however people are not using blog commenting in this way, they are simply searching for an easy way to "build links".

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    Blog commenting is definitely *not* a waste of time. You just have to know what you're doing.

    Gone are the days of pressing a few buttons and propelling your site to page #1 with Scrapebox. Scrapebox "blasts" still have their place though. IMO, they're still pretty powerful when it comes to indexing and strengthening your existing backlinks. If you create a large enough list you're bound to have a number of DoFollow blogs, which is really what you want if you're going the SB blast route. They're also good if you don't mind living a little dangerously and are trying to quickly rank a trending phrase that doesn't have a lot of competition yet.

    The other side (and my favorite) of blog commenting is manually leaving comments on high PR / dofollow / moderated blogs. These links can stick for a long time since the posts aren't going to get spammed-to-death. It's just a matter of finding an active blog and leaving good comments. I usually leave a comment or two on the most recent posts first. If it's approved I'll then comment on a post with PR. This greatly increases approval rate since the blog owner has already approved one or two comments from you.
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    I expect all login options to lead to a nofollow backlink, so there is equal amount (zero) seo benefit.
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      Originally Posted by ebrg View Post

      I expect all login options to lead to a nofollow backlink, so there is equal amount (zero) seo benefit.
      I'm not sure what you're referring to. Plenty of blogs that require a login are "dofollow" in the comments section.
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