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My website ranking well in search engine but due to hosting problem my website was down for 5 days when that hosting problem resolved my website not showing in Google with any keywords
please suggest some tips to get rank again
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    Have you tried pinging it? Ping it just to inform search engines that your website is up again.

    What a bad hosting, offline for 5 days. Does it happen always?
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    Just wait a few more days. Google probably tried to crawl your site and found nothing there. As a result it took you out of the search engine rankings (having a whole lot of dead links doesn't create a very good user experience!!!). However, when it detects your site is back up and running it should theoretically put you in similar ranking spots to where you were before.

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    Write a new post. I find that Google crawls and updates my entire site pretty quickly when i make a new post.
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    Have you made any changes, spammed new backlinks?

    If not, it is probably because of your hosting. Move to a better hosting, get some backlinks and ping from ping services .. it will get Google to index it quickly.

    Don't waste time, focus on the basics, take action and get paid!

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    Yea, 5-days is kinda ridiculous. Most hosts have a 99.9% uptime guarantee these days.

    Any of the suggestions above (assuming you're not engaging in any shady SEO tactics) will give your site re-indexed.
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      5 days? What in the world is that company which provides you hosting?
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    Hi all,
    thanks to your valuable suggestion, I have ping using this tool
    that is not a well known hosting company and have not good services so now I switch with other hosting company
    I hope will get rank again
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    I think its because IP address on which your site was hosted is changed now. You have to wait for some days to see your site again on google.t=Till then build some quality backlinks.
    Best of luck.
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    The most obvious reason that your website was down and at that exact time, Google crawler came to crawl your site. Finding it down it deemed it unimportant and that is why it is not appearing in the search results. Build more links and try pinging it.
    Hopefully that will help the SE that your site is now running again
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    The first thing that you should do is to change your hosting provider. I mean 5 days of having your site down is really really bad service. Also you need to build links to your site so that the SE can realize that the site that was once down is now up and running.
    Also remove any spammy backlinks that you may have coming to your site
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    Build some back links for your website. Google will crawl your site again and you will get all your rankings back.

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    Although it's not an identical situation as the site within the following case study accidentally noindexed itself. However, this should give you some tips to help you get your site reindexed:
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    add a few posts, then ping the new posts. then try build some more links to the site.
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      Similar thing happened to me when I blew up a wordpress site and had no back up. By the time I rebuilt it I had vanished from the serp's but in a few weeks it came back. Hope it wont take that long in your case but I'm sure you'll see it return in time.
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    why not try to generate a new sitemap for your site and submit it to your major search engines,like google,yahoo,bing and ask etc.I think you will get your SERP back to the prior position soon.
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      The most possible reason was google crawled your website while it was down thus taking you out of the search results. Get a better hosting service provider.
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    It could be one of the reasons that your links are not of high quality and because of this they just got banned. After Panda update all forms of spammy backlinks are just getting punished. This is why most sites are disappearing from Google. Also they lose their PR's as well. Good backlinks always help
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