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Hi Everyone,

I have a question regarding a problem with e-commerce URL.

When a user enters a search query on the e-commerce website a custom URL is generated, this URL is been crawled by Google and shows in Google Webmaster tool as 'URL Not Found' or 'Unreachable'.

How can we prevent this URL's generated by search to reflect in webmaster tool as 'Not Found'. I can't keep on removing it every time and forever. I want a permanent solution that can prevent these URL from Google.

Looking forward for your answers!
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    Have you checked to see whether or not your blocking the URL from being indexed?

    That may be why can't see the page.
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    I haven't blocked any URL so far. The URL extension for search is this ('').

    Now seeing the URL extension what URL should I command to be blocked in search engine using Robots.txt?
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      It would be something like this:

      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /search

      That would keep search results from being indexed.

      If your CMS was properly programmed, it would have
      done this automatically.

      In reality, any past ones indexed won't matter.

      Funny thing. People think
      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /search
      Means you are blocking search engines
      (you're not)

      You're site structure seems that search is indeed generated


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