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Ok, now I've finally made it to the first page of Google.

I've noticed, though, that it's a whole different ball game once you're on the first page. It used to be build links--see movement up the serps.

Now, it's really hard to move up one spot.
It's not moving!

What is your guys' strategy for moving up spots when your on page 1?
Any tips on seomthing I could do to give my site some real power to move up?

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    Indeed, first page competitors tend to be difficult to outrank. I've got one of my websites stuck at the 7th position, and it isn't moving for a long time now , I suppose I've got to start now with the heavy big SEO campaigns...

    I don't know what SEO methods you used to move your site to first page. For small niches, I tend to start with press realease, bookmarks, article marketing, etc. If it doesn't reach the desired rankings, I go for the more heavy SEO campaigns, which include big pyramids of profile backlinks, web 2.0 and blasts to the web 2.0, etc...That's always enough to give it a boost.

    Web 2.0 and blasts pointing to them always gives you a push in the rankings. You could try this if you haven't already done it to your site.
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      Its all about the backlinks, I was stuck hovering on the top of page 2, bought some great backlinks off a uk company and moved up to 5th on page one - now i need to go again now. Good luck
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      Originally Posted by eurekapsycrille View Post

      Or, you can track your competitor's backlinks and you can link to them too. Though it's not that easy to do because some of their backlinks are from link exchange (if I'm not mistaken). But you can still get some benefits in tracking their backlinks.

      Or, you can follow this technique:

      I guess I really should try this. This is like the first backlinking strategy I ever learnt or read about when I started SEO. Was getting kind of lazy though so stuck around with other simpler methods like commenting
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    When writing a post the things I make sure I do as often as possible include.

    Including my keyword in H1, H2 and H3 tags. My title is my H1 tag so I don’t use it anywhere else in the post since it is just too big.

    Make your keyword phrase BOLD and italicize it. This puts emphasis on your keywords which is noticed by search engines. An additional emphasis you can include is underlining.

    Include your keywords in the ALT tag of any images used in the post.

    Make sure any external links within the post are no follow. (Add rel=nofollow to the html in the code for the link).

    Measure your keyword density and make sure it sits somewhere between 3.5 and 5% but definitely NO HIGHER than 5%.

    Include your keyword(s) in the first and last sentence of the post.

    Include at least one internal link to other pages on your site.
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    First of all once you start ranking it starts becoming more difficult to move up in the SERPs than earlier. Second, once Google gives you rankings it depends upon the current number of links and other number of factors which it again re-checks after sometime and if it finds something strange the rankings go down again.

    Conclusion: You have made it to the first page, so congrats! Keep on building quality links do not do it very aggressively go slow and steady and have some patience you can be number 1 in some time.
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