WHich will rank better a .com or from wordpress/blogspot?

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Noob question here, same as the title about.

Same quality content and backlinks, which do you think would Google prefer to rank higher? a domain.com or a domain.blogspot.com?
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    Google will rank the blogspot blog better because blogger is there baby it holds more weight from the get go. But I would rather have my own .com because you own it it is yours and Google cannot delete it for violating their tos in some way shape or form.

    If your building a real business definitely pay for hosting and go the .com route you will thank me later.

    Build your brand and not Googles brand
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  • Google always prefer to rank .com domain higher in their search results and NOT blogspot domain. .com is a TLD (top level domain) and is considered to achieve higher rankings above all else like .org, .biz, .info, that is why all keyword domains with .com are sold out fast than any other extension. True, that blogspot can be deleted or banned or removed from results anytime at google discretion, but not your domain. I have seen an instance by a blogger who managed to achieve no. 1 google ranking for his blogspot blog for a very competitive keyword and he enjoyed his stay at #1 ranking for quite few months and then suddenly one day he was removed from google result by google spam bot for no reason and even after submitting for reconsideration, his blog is still not live yet... and this cost him his living nearly.
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    • It depends mostly on how you optimize it in my opinion. In some cases you may see wordpress/blogspot blogs ranking high above many .com domains while some times you see dot com domains dominating the serps, however it consists of many factors and there is some give and take when you are trying to rank a wordpress/blogspot blog, there's lack of several SEO benefits as compare to using a self hosted wordpress on a .com domain name that you own.

      Google will rank a wordpress/blogspot site easily if there is little to no true competition, because they can get SEO information that is apparent to them. Do note that it may also take you twice the amount of backlinks + proper onpage optimization to out-rank a .com with good onpage optimization + several backlinks simply because it is a sub domain.

      Consider between the two wisely, it's how you play the game, not how the dealer shuffle the cards.
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    working with wordpress/blogspot have some limitation and some directory doesn't allow to submit free domain like wordpress/blogspot
    so careful about SEO and business plan always prefer domain.com
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    Interesting Question!! In My Opinion Google Always Preferred Direct Domain as Compared to Sub domain!!
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    Domain is not a factor at all.Factor is how well your blog is optimized for the search engines,content quality and amount of quality backlinks.

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