Ranking with multiple websites for same keyword: allowed in Google?

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Hey everybody, I'm just wondering if Google is actually okay with it if you rank with two different websites for the same keyword.

I'm a freelance translator and succesful SEO-wannabe for my website and in the process of making a second site, which already started ranking quite a bit. Now two of my Google competitors contacted me and accuse me of "unfair business" and taking action.

But if "taking action" means filing a Google spam report, would Google agree?

These are two well-designed websites with similar yet not duplicate content.

Any thoughts or experiences most welcome!
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    There is no problem with it. You can do same for two different websites for one keyword. It is absolutely legal and acceptable. It wont affect google in any ways.
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      How do your two competitors know that the websites are both yours? Is there some reason that people need to know your contact details on the sites? If not, then perhaps you should consider privacy on your domain name registrations.
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        Thanks for your replies!

        And Philip, my websites offer a type of direct service (translation) so adding my address adds a bit of trust. Plus it's obligatory in my country to have the chamber of commerce number on your website (which is the same number). For others that would be a good solution though!
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          If you find a winning keyword (keyword that is already making you money with the help of SEO) then it is a GREAT idea to target this keyword with more website and completely dominate the first page of Google for the keyword. Really, the hard part is finding the winning keyword, once you find it, why wouldn't you take your chance to get the most out of it?
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    maybe your competitors is just threatening you, its fine to use even 10 websites to target 1 keyword!

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