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by jlady
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Is this a good strategy....I have a number of very closely related keywords that all get good enough traffic to try to rank for...so my thought is to try to optimize one post that has all the keywords in the one post as they are so closely related. So I think if I repeat each keyword 3 times that is good enough. Is this a good idea, is there such a thing as trying to rank 1 page for to many keywords? Is repeating the keyword 3x enough or even less ok??
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    if they are very closely related I think its fine, but repeating it 3 times per keyword.. i think its less OK

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    I'm currently working on ranking for 3 fairly competitive keywords.
    It's no problem to optimize a page for more than one.
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    Generally you can go for and target up to 3 to 4 keywords per page, this stands as a good SEO strategy....
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      That is what I have read somewhere...and the 3x not sure where I got that from???

      Originally Posted by Anna Howard View Post

      Generally you can go for and target up to 3 to 4 keywords per page, this stands as a good SEO strategy....
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    if i am not wrong what you are trying to say is, You have some keywords all of them get good traffic and you want to use all of these keywords about 3 TIMES EACH on a single document or content or article ???

    If what i said is correct then according to me, this strategy is not good. As there will be over stuffing of KEYWORDS and GOOGLE can penalize your website.
    What i think is you may use 2 keywords about 3x on a single page and try to optimize your site.
    Thank You
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    It's not a problem at all. Most people aim to rank for 3-4 keywords for a single site. It provides you more diversity and flexibility.

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      Yes ofcourse its absolutely fine as people just not create page to rank only on one single keywords. I think you can select 2-3 major keywords for your page and when it start ranking good you can go for other related keywords as well and creating content i dont see need to repeat each keyword 3-4 times if they are closely related as your content should look natural as well
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    Yes of course...

    Long suspected to influence search engine rankings,the theory that varied keyword usage throughout a page can help with content optimization and optimization nevertheless is worth a small amount of effort. I recommend employing at least one or two variations of a term and potentially splitting up keyword phrases and using them in body copy as well or instead.

    Also, using the keyword term/phrase as the very first words in the page title has the highest correlation with high rankings, and subsequent positions correlate nearly flawlessly to lower rankings.
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    I'm sure that it will work. I have optimizing 5 keywords for a single page.

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    That is not a problem in any case. But for repeating each keyword 3 times you should be having the enough content thus maintaining the keyword density.
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    On page factors have a very minimum effect on the rankings, or hardly they matter. Links and your title and description tags are the ones you should worry about. Also you can try to target more than one keyword that should be the idea.

    Target 3-4 closely related keywords and rotate them while using them in your anchor text. Don't worry about the keyword density of your page, it not even matters.
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