How do i Research best keywords?

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I'd like to share some recommendations with you which will make choosing keywords a lot easier and possibly will save some funds of yours.

1. What product or information they are looking for (this is your first list of keywords).

2. Reasons which make them look for the information (this is your second list of keywords). In many cases your visitors do not even know that they may need the information or product on your website. For instance, you sell antivirus software. Some people do not even think about viruses and damn manufacturer of their computer or new software. These people can use a keyword as "fix slow computer".

3. Sometimes it's getting hard to make up a lot of keywords, that's the time when Google Keyword Tool becomes very handy. If you already got some keywords, just put them in and this tool will provide you with other possible keywords for your site.

4. Go through your Google Analytics, if you have one installed on your website, look at the keywords which already bring some traffic and make the 4th list.

Now play with words in these 4 lists. Try to make your keywords more specific to your business.

The third step can help you to find less competitive keywords. For instance, instead of using "wedding ring" you can use something like "platinum wedding ring in Portland" or "platinum wedding ring Nina Ricci".

Combine your lists and check your search-engine positions for these keywords and keyword phrases. It's better to choose those terms that are already closer to the first page and which are more popular.
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      Hi Zaid,

      one of the best ways is to search on Google for the "Google Keywords Tool"

      It is a free tool, that Google provide for keyword research, you can then enter any keywords that you are interested in and it will show you how many times the keyword is searched for each month and how much competition there is for each key word.

      It will also show you keyword phrases, and you can enter any you can think of to find out how much competition there is for them.

      It is a very handy tool, once you start using it is difficult to stop!

      Hope this helps
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        This is a personal preference...

        But Market Samurai has been my go-to software for keyword research.

        Many people think you have to pay for the software, and for most modules you do have to pay. However, their keyword research module is 100% FREE!

        Just download the software from their website and plug in your root keyword. It will generate keywords for you that are related and you can filter out keywords and sort them in any order you want.

        It's a solid piece of keyword research software that I recommend to all of my marketing buddies.
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          I agree with Tyler Freeman. I use Market Samurai. If you can afford to buy it as will help you with several other functions as well.

          Market Samurai comes with a free 12 day trial. Watch the videos that come with it. It will help you use the tool.

          It also has modules that allow you analyze:

          Search Engine Optimization Competition
          Rank Tracking
          Backlink Tracking
          Page Rank
          Value of Keywords for Adsense...etc.

          It's a phenomenal tool.

          Good luck.
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            If you don't mind a newbie's opinion I would like to say that many people with a lot more marketing experience than I have sing the praises of the totally free google keyword tool. I've heard it said that even people that can afford the paid keyword research tools make use of google as a backup.

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        Originally Posted by ezennaemeka View Post

        Hi all, am kinda back. Since the last time I posted about how to get research keyword suggestion to blog about, I have been working my ass out trying to figure out the keyword I should start bloging with no avail. Am now coming up with this tread again so that those passionate ones out there can help me out. What I need now is that If you have any keyword research tool, why don't you suggest to me keyword to blog about. Am targeting USA and EUROPE. If there is a word called HELP in your dictionary, just drop your suggestion below. Thanks.
        Both Keyword Elite and Market Samuri offer a free trial version of the software. In fact the keyword research tool on Market Samuri is free 4ever.

        Keyword Elite Software | Keyword Research Tool by Brad Callen

        Generate a large keyword list based on your main subject. You can filter the list to only include keywords getting your desired # of monthly searches. Then you can go through the long list for 100's of ideas pluck your favorite keyword based on blog-ability - competition - and - search volume - and get to work...

        Keyword Analysis Tool - Market Samurai

        Good luck

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        I think Google adwords keyword tool is the best due to many reasons.
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        Market samurai free version sure has kw research but it uses the google adword kw search database............and its EXTREMELY slow

        this is why so many guys complain of MS being slow
        the kw search tool

        why use that? when you can get the same thing by going to the Google Adwords kw tool on their site? (yes free) and that tool is 100 times faster than doing kw research on Market Samurai

        I bought MS and use it all the time every day but I stopped doing KW research there, takes WAY too much time, I just open the Google kw tool and do it there, you are working there with the SOURCE, you are on Googles computers, thats why it is so fast

        same when you use to search for websites

        On Market Samurai you go through a 3rd party and you are using Market Samurai's computers which then have to contact googles database and search it and it takes forever .

        I like to Use Market Samurai to analyze the top 10 competition on Google, and the PR and Anchor text of their anchor text
        THAT tool on Market samurai is very fast
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        specializing in SmartPhones , Internet security, high tech gadgets, search engines, tech shows, digital cameras.

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          What I feel is you need a niche to blog upon, not a keyword.

          You can look for the popular niches that converts well. Also, Its been observed that popularity of niches depends upon your target audience (may be some niches are poplar in USA but not in other part of the world)

          You can use 'Keyword Country' to figure out the popular niches in target geographic regions.

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      Google Adwords Keyword Tool is the best one for keyword research.
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      to find a keyword that has reasonable amount of search per month, use google Adwords Keyword Tool
      and for analyzing competition for that keyword use market samurai

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      first, using keyword tool mentioned by above guys to know some keywords, especially long-tail keywords around your main keyword.
      then, choosing some of them have certain searching number but lower competitive,
      last, test them.
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      use wordtracker
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      Originally Posted by zaid View Post

      I wanted to know how do i will be able to research keywords plz give your suggessions.
      Go to adwords keyword tool and search the keyword you want to target and you'll see many suggestions with their monthly searches. so choose the one with the best monthly search if you can really optimize the keyword. but if you're looking for less competitive keyword then the keyword with less competition is the best for you.
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      Originally Posted by zaid View Post

      I wanted to know how do i will be able to research keywords plz give your suggessions.
      The best solution is the combination of your imagination and high quality services. My way of researching keywords starts from writing down some words related to my niche. Then I brainstorm them with my friends or on the forums, to enlarge my list. Then I research this list with keyword tool to find out how each word is competitive, what search volume is etc. I use semrush as a researching tool, but so many men, so many minds. Hope this will help you.
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  • hi,
    The best solution to this is just to think yourself what keyword you would enter if you want to search about a topic.
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    hi, its too hard to find long tail keywords which generates some good amount of traffic. how can i find long tail keywords ?
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    its complicated,

    but for the simple way...



    it help you to cut 50% of Work SEO

    nothing signature

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    I use a combination of the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool - for generating keyword lists based on my main blog or article idea, and Market Samurai (which is also using the Google database) for the in depth analysis, which lets me see more clearly, in a nice interface, stuff about competition, title competition, search trends.

    Market Samurai analysis is a bit slow, so I set it up to analyse my lists which I download from Google Adwords tool, while I get on with other stuff. Works pretty well for me.
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    Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. For example, you may have a "clothing business" where you "sell clothing." While those phrases describe what you do, they are not necessarily the words that your audience would enter into a search engine to find you. How many times have you went to Google and typed in "sell clothing" in order to find a particular shirt or hat?
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