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Let's say you have a bunch of blogger blogs, one of which gets a low quality rating from Google. Can that affect the quality rating of your other blogs and push them further down the index? Google owns Blogger so they could see that the blogs are made by the same author.

I recently made a blog that I consider low quality, just quickly made, obviously optimizied, etc. And yesterday my best performing blog all but vanished from the Google index (like, from page 1 to page 15). I'm trying to figure out if there's a connection there.
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    Hi Hyaku.

    Rankings tend to fluctuate, probably no connection unless you linked to the spammy blog from your best performing blog.
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    People's rankings have been dropping left and right very recently.

    Build more quality links and add more content to your pages and you might show up again.
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      No, your one blog's score has no impact on your other blogs. But make sure that you are linking to the low score blog from your other blogs. This applies to linking to other low score sites too.
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    Usually when mine drops it's because other people have added to their blogs. It may be the search engines think the other site has more to offer at the moment. You must add to your blog in a way that re-enforces and adds to the existing content. Often if you check out what the other blogs are adding you can get an idea why you have been bumped. In the past I've regained position without adding much content. I just improved my linking strategies and changed some wording to incorporate better use of keywords and keyword phrases. Maybe refine or expand on existing previous posts. There's always little tweaks you can do. If you don't have time to write a new post you can edit an older one and add a couple of sentences to add clarity to something or even a paragraph or 2 to expand on the post topic

    Search results aren't static and if you want to stay 1st page you need to work on it. You may go for weeks and stay on top but you may only be there for an hour. As soon as someone figures a way to take your spot they will. You should realize that if the search page you refer to has 10's of thousands or more results all those other people are trying to get your position. It's easy to lose position but it's easier to get back to page one from page 15 than page 1500. It's probably not going to magically happen on it's own.

    Google and others are using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and checks your content to see how much of it is related. It looks for the things that would be related to your topic keyword not it alone. You might repeat you keyword many times. But the search engines want to see other terms they associate with your keyword.

    This is stupid but say your number one for the word worms. There was a time when how many times you used the word worm got results. But now the SE's want to see content they feel supports the topic. They would look for additional terms like night crawlers, red wigglers, worm casing fertilizer, bait worms, raising worms, worm farming, etc. all adding value to your use of the keyword worms. By making sure you incorporate expected related terms increases the value to your topic keyword or keyword phrase.
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    Rankings will often times fluctuate constantly, just make sure you are always promoting your website in a variety of methods (articles, manual link building, directories, blogging, etc). It's all about inbound backlinks
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