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He promised to show his members in live videos how he step by step builds a $100 per day website as he has done it very many times. Early in the year, he promised that this case study authority website would be making $100 per day by October.

October has arrived. For those who are members, has he reached that $100 per day goal?
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    He still owes many of us for the previous forum the $99 we paid him for the previous videos. Given up on getting it now. An estimate would be that he took $99 from around 200 people who were members of the old forum.

    I would certainly not give him any more money after that. It's a shame, as he seemed like an honest guy at the start.
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    I am a member as I wanted to see how he builds his sites.
    Unfortunately, he has failed to reach his goal as of October as he said.

    He seems to be far more interested to start new projects than he is in completing what he has started. This is a problem as he always seems to be starting something new and making promises he never seems to stick to. Maybe that is what "manifesting" is about.

    Another problem is that he says he has made many $100 per day sites in the past. Strangely though he does not seem to have any specific method. His approach seems to change on a daily basis. He says he does "what he enjoys" and "all methods" work so he feels no need to stick to anything.

    Most of us joined just to see how he made a $100 per day site from scratch. I just wished he focused on doing just that from methods he claims have worked for him in the past instead of trying new things almost on a weekly basis.

    For the price, I think that it is worth being a member as there are some gems in there. If you are experienced, he does explain what to do to reach $100 per day, even though he seems not to be able to do so with his own case study website.
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    I would'nt join another Xfactor forum -- after he just shut down and removed all the content from the last one.

    No matter what he -- or anyone says -- previous members of that forum should have been given free access to the new one.

    Forget xfactor -- watch/buy this: The Lazy 10k Adsense Publisher. It's exactly the same as xfactors plan, maybe they even copied john.

    You can watch everything in this free video, there is no need to spend any money after watching this:

    The Lazy 10k Adsense Publisher
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    I personally feel that he is not a trustworthy person, he can't even pay my affiliate commission since may! LOL....I will share the correspondence between myself and John if he still can't pay this week, just to alert other affiliate who spend time to promote his product for NOTHING!!!

    Earning Residual Passive Income is not a dream

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      I am enjoying the new forum. Yes, John does jump around but there is value in the forum.
      He gives a lot of good information. But we are all anxious to see a site built from scratch and reach $100 a day. But I can say I have been given my money's worth on this forum.
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        Guy basically stole my money. Now I am getting emails from him about a THIRD!! book on how to make money.
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