Backlinks: Drip Feeds Blasts Necessary If You Have Scrapebox?

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We currently have a subscription to Drip Feeds Blasts.

However, my husband purchased Scrapebox, and Backlinks Index Express neither of which is being used.

We are paying $50 a month for 1000 links per day.

Can we do away with the monthly charge?

Don't Judge Me. I am a couponer.

He likes to spend money, I like to economize.

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    Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Well let's wait to hear the answer.

    I am THE HUSBAND of which she speaks.


    Just glad to have you invovled.

    Okay but let's see what everyone has to say.

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    well, if you use scrapebox links for your layered links, it works the best and if you have scrapebox yourself, i recommend blasting yourself. you can search for some good scrapebox lists on google.
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    Correct, we use the profile link on what is the third rung. Ground zero is the money site. Second rung are the Web properties, and third rung are the DFB. So the question is whether or not, I guess we could just do Scrapebox ourselves instead of DFB for that Third rung.

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      $50/month for 1000 links a day... that really makes me wonder about the quality of the links you are getting from that service period.

      If you are going to use Scrapebox in the same way, I would highly advise against it. You are just junking up the internet.

      Scrapebox is an awesome tool and has a ton of different uses. If you are just blasting out comments with the autoposter, nearly all of them will not stick. The ones that do stick will mostly be on sites where there is little to no moderation and that are getting blasted by hundreds of other spammers. Those sites quickly end up with 200+ comments on them rendering the backlinks all but useless.

      I would imagine DFB is doing something similar.
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