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Just a quick question which i thought you might have the answer for..............

When writing an article and aiming for the usual 3.5% KW density how do you work out the ratios if your keyword is multiple words for example

A 100 word article with a single keyword like "potter" would need the KW mentioned 3.5 times roughly
A 100 word article with a long tail KW like "harry potter hogwart's castle" would need to be mentioned only once or 3 times?

Does the google algorithm count the a long tail keyword as one word or actually count the number of words included?

It's been troubling me because if i follow the rule to the letter and put the keyword in 3.5 times per every hundred and it's 800 words long that would entail me using it 28 times in 800 words which can't look natural. That's actually 17.5% the articles body text.

Thanks in advance!
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    Haha, no need to care about it that much.
    Just ensure the kw density is above 1%. (That is what ezine rules say)
    Do not try to stuff in extra keywords to achieve any magical ratio or number.
    There is nothing like that, really.
    Let it read natural and be sure to include the keyword in first line and last line, better if KWD is around 1%.
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    don't care about keyword density much, write a quality articles which helps readers. 2-3% keyword density is ok.
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    As such, there is no fixed keyword density. The idea is to use them in such a clever fashion that neither does it hinder readability or dilute the real message (as in the case of keyword stuffing), nor is it a case of under-utilization so that you don’t rank high on search results. A keyword density of 3-5% is usually supposed to be quite ideal.

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    Keyword density is not a big issue, but if you are using much of it than it's considered to be keyword stuffing. Try to use them in such a way that they looks natural. The density problem is related to some of the article site like goarticels which has 4% keyword density allowed and they count long tail as a single keyword. I hope i am clear with my words.


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    As Google becomes smart, keyword density isn't how it used to be. Now, when you write an article on a keyword, all synonyms are related phrases are also taken into account. Google is yet to become as good as a human brain, but it is starting to analyse websites like we humans do. Write interesting articles with 1-2% exact keyword density. If the article is good, it will have several longtail keywords and synonyms. So that will also get taken into account. Also, focus on building links.
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    i have a question about keyword density and articles. in wordpress posts if i use 1000 words articles let`s say for my main keyword, will it rank better than 400 words? or how many words the posts must have to be well optimized?
    and if i`m targeting only one longtail keyword with one micro website, i must post periodic articles? or it is enough a couple of articles to maintain the website in the top?

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    When you say keyword density do you refer to the density of a keyword for the actual article or on-page keyword density? You know, you've got many other elements on a page that could "dilute" the keyword density. Do the sidebars, menus or other text widgets have an effect of the word density?
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    First don't worry about keyword density, its not mean that you over load content with keywords. Best is that you use your best keywords in important SEO tags, title, H1. So that you can use long tail keywords in content, that contain your short keyword also.
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