Can we block Google from Adsense?

by isdoo
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Are we allowed to block from the competitive add filter on Adsense?

I seem top get a lot of adverts for Google Chrome and Google Adsense which I am sure do not pay a lot.

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    If this is regarding adsense on your own website, then google determines what ads it places on your page, by what your content is about.

    It will match your content to its ads. So if you have little content, or content on one subject then google will find it hard to put ads on your site that are relivant to your page, so it puts things like chrome, or phone suppliers ads etc.

    Just ad more content on different subject, vary your post slightly if possible.
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    alanross is right.

    The best way to control the ads on your site is to create unique content that's highly themed towards your keywords.

    I run a successful adsense business and I've never used ad filtering because I haven't needed to.

    If you create unique, relavent content that's highly themed then you'll be fine. I agree the Google focused ads such as chrome, adwords etc. can be annoying but they are usually only there while Google sorts out the ads that are relavent to your site.

    Hope that helps.

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    You can certainly block them out. But you have to think about whether or not you should. Google displays those ads because it ran out of relevant ads to display on your page. If you are seeing those ads then either your content is not optimized enough or there arnt' enough ads to rotate around(in which case you should look for more competitive niches). If it's the later and you block out google then it will just be a blank space when there are no relevant ads showing. To me I'd rather show a google chrome ad than no ad but that's just my preference.

    Michael Lee

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    i don't know , i never do it ..
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  • Google will dump their own ads on your site no matter what you do. I am not talking about public service announcements but Google ads for their own content.

    You need to remember also that the ads you see are NOT always the same as what your visitors will see based on IP Address and Google using cookies to follow people around.

    Don't worry about them and move on.
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      You should be able to block them like any other advertiser but if their ads are showing up and you don't want them to its probably:

      1. Your content is not focused enough to get targeted ads.
      2. Your seeing the ads because you are an internet marketer and your search history tells the algo to display internet marketing/adsense/google-stuff ads. Try signing out, clearing your browser settings and looking at the ads again.

      You can also change your AdSense settings so that only ads related to the content (and not the users history) are displayed. Be warned that this may generate ads with lower payouts. For some sites your overall return can be better with these settings and for some sites your earnings will decrease, it really depends on the site and current advertisers.
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    Don't listen to these people.

    You can and SHOULD be blocking Google from your website. They only ever give you cheap clicks (bad for you, good for them), and whether Adwords/Chrome are default ads or just randomly cycled through doesn't really matter to me. They're not relevant, so block them.

    Unless you're running a blog about Google, Adwords, or Chrome

    I regularly look at a couple of my sites each week to scope out any irrelevant ads that are showing despite my best efforts to optimize my content and make it solely relevant to a given keyword or niche. I then add those ad's URLs to the blocked ads list.

    I've only made more money since doing this.

    Another handy feature most people don't know about is that Google actually tells you which ad categories are making you money and which aren't, and you can turn off ad categories with a low impressions:earnings ratio.

    No matter how targeted your content is you're still going to see a good amount of Google ads and other irrelevant ads. At least that's my experience, which is less then some others on this forum, but more than some other others.

    To answer your question directly - Yes, you can block Google.

    I would recommend doing so, but in the end it's your call.

    - Stephen
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      Originally Posted by stephenwaldo View Post

      I regularly look at a couple of my sites each week to scope out any irrelevant ads that are showing despite my best efforts to optimize my content and make it solely relevant to a given keyword or niche. I then add those ad's URLs to the blocked ads list.
      There is a very simple solution to your problem, just go to Allow & Block Ads > Advanced settings > Interest-based Ads Preference and turn them off.

      If your still getting irrelevant ads you've either picked an obscure niche without many advertisers or your content isn't as focused as you think it is.
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