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how should i do it more effiecient, or how does google like it: to post all the articles in one day, or at 1 or 2 days apart?
2 articles for my main keyword and another 2 for my secondary keywords.
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    Drip feeding your content is great but it depends on the kind of site you are creating. For example, I have AdSense sites that I don't actually put live until I have about 50 articles submitted over a period of time.

    If you are creating a small website then I'd suggest creating at least 2 posts before you launch your site and then add a new post everyday.

    Hope that helps

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    For me it was best to add a blog or two every day. It kept google crawling the site at a good rate.
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      I've done it every which way you can imagine. I'm working on a large site right now. Here's the strategy I'm using for it.

      I currently have 30 articles that have been written. All 30 are going on the site tonight (and adsense will immediately be put on the site).

      I have 50 more being written as we speak. I'll be adding these at a rate of about every 2-3 days. If the site is successful I will likely add 25-50 articles/month on ongoing basis.

      HOWEVER - I have about 10 somewhat successful sites right now. 1 has 50ish pages that was added over time. 1 has 10 pages that were all added at once, and never touched again. And the rest are somewhere in between.

      I think the only advantage to adding content on a regular basis is it gets indexed quick without you doing anything. But I'm constantly messing around so I try a bunch of stuff.

      Nothing to see here

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    i think 1 or 2 days apart,,
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    When I launched my recent site with over 50 articles, I found that uploading them in batches of ~5 to 10 a day worked well in terms of consistent crawling. Of course, this is also for a site that I add new content to constantly, so I wanted consistent crawling from the get go.
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    When you launch a brand new blog, don't publish all articles yet. Before you launch, try to include at least one to two articles, and then post at least one article everyday. In this way, you update your blog naturally.
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    well it is good that content be optimized on regular basis but it should qualitative rather than quantitative
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    For me it doesn't really matter. I've had a couple of sites done like that, all articles at once and there was no problem.

    Your linkbuilding is usually the thing that should be done steadily and naturally.
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