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I want to know before placement of some ads..mainly link ads..that how much modification is allowed under adsense policies to link ads..atleast I would like to know for an example-if the link color and the color of "ads by google" are made similar and some background color is also applied.Does it voilates the adsense policy or does it only depends on the placement of ads which can go against this google policy that"the ads should not look like site content to the vistors"?
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    Google tells you to do whatever seems best for your site.

    They cannot, as you said, be mistaken for content. This is
    open to interpretation, but IMHO it is not about colors but
    doing other things, like labels, headings, images, etc. to
    trick people into thinking it leads to content on your site.
    In other words, if your internal links mimic adsense, that
    would be a problem.

    Also, IMHO, blending ads is a bad idea. You want them in
    your face and standing out. Why make them disappear?

    Call it "ad blindness."

    I see a lot of people blending. Some examples have just
    been eye sores. Like black background and red links. Or
    green background and white links. If that's the color
    scheme of your site as well, man, I can't look for very long.


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