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I'm preparing to open a hosting account with Host Gator and the issue of what they refer to at SEO Hosting has come up.

Until this came up my thoughts were to open a simple Business Plan hosting package for unlimited domains @ $10.36 a month. Now I'm uncertain whether I should continue on with the Business Plan package or look harder at their SEO Hosting Plan. Their entry level SEO Hosting Plan is for five sites with seperate C-Class IP addresses @ $35.00 per month --- not a bank breaker but $$$ I don't want to spend if I don't need to.

If it wasn't for the fact that I'm building a website and a blog that will share cross linking I wouldn't concern myself with the SEO Pakage.

Any insight would be appreciated as I'm clearly out of my element.

Thanks in advance,

Ernie Mitchell
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    My advice is to skip it, especially if the domains have common owners. Don't you primarily concentrate on links from outside of domains under your own control? Cross-linking your own domains hasn't had much value for years.
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    If you have only the two websites SEO hosting is unnecessary. Use two cheap hosting accounts and you are done. You can get good hosts for $5 per month or less. SEO hosting is chiefly when you are going ten or more sites and running a network.

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    SEO hosting is only good for those people who were planning to setup a huge blog network for business (like 15-20+ or even more). One to few websites for SEO hosting is not recommended, so think twice before buying it.
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      Greetings Everyone!

      I'm new here and since this subject came up I'd like to ask a question myself from those in the know without starting a new thread.

      I spent some considerable time building and optimizing my site for speed, security and seo, and finally went live a few days ago. I have a vps server that I tweaked for performance and am very satisfied with the results.

      I decided to use CloudFlare, mainly for CDN but also for added security and I like the DNS service more than my domain registrar's.

      The only thing I don't have since using cloudflare is a unique IP address, and I'm wondering if this will impact my future ranking as I'm sharing it with numerous other sites that might be affecting me in a negative way.

      Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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    Not worth it in my experience, started out with one then later moved away and did not loose any ranking costs way less. Plus had many problems with seohosting that i never have now.

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      Thanks for the insight everyone.

      Your answers make life a little simpler and a little less expensive.

      I should have mentioned that the two sites (blog & website) in questioin will have seperate domains but it doesn't sound like that fact will make much difference anyway given there are just two two sites being cross-linked :confused:

      Thanks Again,

      Ernie Mitchell
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    If you have just 2 sites there is very very little or no point in going for a SEO Hosting Plan, however I would highly recommend to avoid addon domains and host the 2 sites on separate cPanel accounts. SEO IP's are more useful when you have like 10++ sites ... those would be good for Mike
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    Your website get high rank if more back-links from different C-Class IP Address.

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