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Does your "ad score" go by advertisement or keyword?

I have some keywords that do real well - having upwards of 2% CTR but then other keywords in the same ad group that have a very low CTR (however the have a high search volume so i'd rather not eliminate them if possible). Will the keywords with the low CTR cause my advertisement to not show up as frequently because the average CTR is low?

Thanks for any help!
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    You seem to know that Quality Score, or ad score as you call it, is affected more by click rate than anything else. Ask yourself, what affects click rate, the keyword or the ad? The answer is obviously the ad.

    Also, stop thinking about absolute CTR. It means nothing by itself. That's what QS is for. It's a measure of how you compare to competitors. Does your lower CTR keyword have a decent QS (7 to 10)? You're doing fine but do try to improve further. Read more in my Adwords FAQ.
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