Alternatives to Adsense ?

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Hi Warriors , thanks for reading

I use adsense for all my sites to create consistant income, but i woke up this morning to find surprise surprise my account has been disabled!!

So thank you google for making it just that much harder to earn money online.

My question is what are some of the other programs out there that offer the same kind of publishing options as Google adsense does ??
looking for a reliable programs
Plz Help Warriors tell me what you are using to avoid the big G
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  • I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of times this exact same question has been asked. I wonder if searching in the Adsense Fourm might be a good place to start.

    Adsense is 1 program. There is no other program like Adsense because they have the Billions of Page Impressions and advertisers in order to make it work.

    If all you can do is Adsense, you are not really an Affiliate Marketer.

    Why blame Google for your inability to earn money?

    You are an Affiliate Manager? Really?

    Does that seem a bit harsh, because it's not it's just reality. Adsense has banned thousands of people go read the Adsense Forums.
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    Kontera, AdBrite, Chitika and Infolinks are a few. Did G inform you of why your account was disabled? You can typically ask for it to be reinstated if you fix whatever issues they pointed out.
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