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Ok, I have been burnt before by outsourcing SEO and I can see a few of you falling into the traps. So here is a quick guide to outsourcing an SEO team for your online business.

First things first, you obviously know that SEO is important right? Well it sure is! Your SEO campaign needs to be top notch in order for you to succeed online, your success is only going to be as good as your SEO campaign!

If you are currently blasting links from automated software without any conceivable structure and wondering why you aren't holding rankings then here's what you need to do.

My favourite place to outsource is oDesk, you can hire great quality workers for very cheap if you know what to look for.

You should always have a natural looking, diverse backlink structure. Personally I like to get backlinks from:

-Article Marketing
-Blog Comments
-Profile Links
-Forum Links
-Social Media

This is a great start.

The worst thing you can do when hiring from oDesk is to hire a "SEO Expert" who promises to handle all your SEO needs. He will most likely be spamming out one type of link (profile links for example) - These will not work on their own.

You will need to hire multiple people with different expertize (Article writing for example).

Now to cut out the rubbish applications

when hiring ensure to put this in your job ads:

"Please provide the answer of 3+3 in the first line of your application"

This will literally cut out about 85% of rubbish applications...

Next you should always trial 4 people for your first job. Get each candidate to perform identical tasks and measure things like:

-Turn-around time

Once you have given them all a trial it should become clear which candidate is the most suited to the job.

Repeat this process to hire a team of savvy SEO experts that will have the potential to rank your websites for the keywords you want to target.

Sure, it is a little time consuming and will probably take up to a month or so to hire a great team but this will literally become your secret weapon to making money online.

Take massive action guys, if you want to make internet marketing your day job you need to treat it like a business.

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    It's good to lay a sound strategy before kicking off with any online marketing campaign
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