Google is RELENTLESS! Holy Crap!

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just a heads up everyone. If you do not follow googles terms exactly, or perhaps piss off the wrong google employee, or anything else google doesn't like, they will suspend your adwords account! and any other adwords account you try to open!

I tried using adwords when I first got into the IM game over a year ago. I made some newbie mistakes. By the end of it, I "violated" their terms of service 2 times.

This included 1: I didn't properly put in the display domain that goes under the ad (I missed a hyphen or something). and 2: A landing site on one ad was not up to standard! It was a dang template site from an old IM membership area, and had no scammy phrases, nothing more than an page reviewing various IM products!

That's it. That's the only chance I got. I can no longer use adwords. I've been emailing google support back and forth for awhile now, and they will not un-suspend my account. They act like I was out to screw them from day one. They cannot accept a newbie mistake as an honest mistake.

I'm very frustrated, as now I've learned a lot about IM, and am ready to start getting into ppc, and I guess I'm going to have to use some other crappy service, or facebook or something.

Let this be a lesson for newbies out there. If you get into PPC, even if you buy a course teaching you how to do it, make SURE your teacher knows what he's doing in relation to googles TOS. If your adwords account is new, and you screw up 2 times (which is EASY TO DO), they will ban your account, and ANY OTHER ACCOUNT YOU TRY TO OPEN with adwords. No lie.
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    Yes, it's fairly easy for G to track multiple Adwords accounts, even if you don't have multiple ones active at the same time. Same thing with PayPal (Although I do believe you can have two different PayPal accounts, but I could be wrong.)
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    Hate to break it to you, but they have been cracking down on Adwords now for quite some time. I also had one of my accounts suspended a LONG time ago. The reason? The product I was promoting has now been deemed to have a landing page that didn't meet requirements.

    The problem? I have no control over a site I do not own.

    In other words, the vendors product wasn't in line with Google's terms, so they canned my account. I went back and forth with them on it, and they said that if I cannot get the vendor to change their page, I wouldn't get my account reactivated. I considered that to be a wash.

    There are a lot of alternatives out there for PPC. Facebook is a good place to start, but just know that you will need to have a quality campaign there, too.
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    Yep, my AdWords account got suspended about 90 days after it went live. I then moved to Bing/Yahoo and have since been running a profitable campaign for over two years now with no major changes.
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