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I have been posting threads on Warriorforum quite frequently as I'm having a lot of problems with my blogs. I recently restarted my IM career and I am more motivated then ever. Here is a problem I am experiencing with one of my blogs:

I have been focusing a lot on creating quality and original content(nothing spun) for one of my blogs. I later found out that my on page SEO was totally messed up so here are some stuff I fixed yesterday:
  1. Page/Post Title beings with my keyword
  2. Page/Post Title contains at least 3 words
  3. Page/Post Title contains less then 66 character (which is the max that google sees)
  4. Meta description begins with keyword
  5. Meta keywords contains no more then 3 keywords
  6. H1tag begins with keyword
  7. H2tag contains keyword
  8. H3tag contains keyword
  9. My written content contains my keyword in the first 100 words and last 100 words
  10. At least 1 image with keyword in ALT attribute
  11. 1 external link to Wikipedia
  12. 1.09% keyword density
  13. Use of related keywords

I did NOT create a sitemap xml for this particular blog.
I also used the webmaster tools to index my blog to google to make sure they check it again.
Barely any backlinks

Now the problem is that it does not rank for my targeted keyword which does not have a lot of competition(50k). I have made one sale and right now the conversion rate is 1.35%. I get around 20 unique views a day.

Is there something I have missed or I am doing wrong? I'm sure most of you will tell me that I should build backlinks. I use SocialAdr and so far I don't see any results. Quite honestly, I don't know what this particular service is doing for my blog.

I would appreciate any help you guys can give me to actually get this blog on the first page.

Here is the site: Compare eReaders - Compare Top eReaders from 2011 Compare eReaders
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    SocialAdr gets you social bookmarks/tweets to your site. I wouldn't count on that moving you up in the SERPs too much. I have experienced buyer traffic through self-promoted bookmarks too, but wouldn't rely on that either.

    Try reading the FAQ at the top of this section to start so you have a beginning point to learning about backlinks.
    Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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    Curious as to why you did not create the xml site map? I am not sure what blogging platform your are using but there are some great free plugins for wordpress that will do this for you.

    As for a bit of unsolicited advice when a search giant says a xml sitemap is a good idea to help them with your site, why not take the time to do so?

    After taking a look at your site I see the following:

    You have 6 <h1> tags
    You have 6 <h2> tags

    I can't find your keyword underlined, or in bold. I also notice you have a keyword density of about 0.78% this seems a bit low.

    Hope this helps
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      i am not sure but it seems you are using plugin to post your content, as per site details, i can see you are using autopress plugin,
      due to plugin post (or might be you are doing it yourself,) but here is the major problem i have notice in few of your article..

      Anchor text is can see for call to action you are not using keyword, instead of this you are using click here.
      Hope this helps.

      Rajiv Kumar
      Skpe: rajivkumar900
      Email id :

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    Sounds like you know your problem. Backlinks.

    You've done all you can with the on-page stuff, don't waste any more time with that.

    Focus on your off-site, linkbuilding efforts.

    I've got sites that I focused very little on the on-page factors and dominate the niches because of the backlinks. Could I go in and refine my on-page? Sure! And I do, after I've gotten the linkjuice to support it.

    Pretend your website is a "theater". You've gone through just about everything. You've cleaned the windows, got the popcorn and candy ready, made sure there's ink in the ticket machine, got your staff ready.


    You forgot to advertise your business. You can fix, clean, and modify your websites on-site only so much. After that point, it doesn't mean anything.

    That's where you are...Get backlinks so that your on-site has the ability to WORK.
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    As you suspect, backlinks are what you need.

    SEO is about 10% on-page and 90% off-page.

    SocialAdr or any other bookmarking tool is useful for getting your pages and backlinks indexed, but in terms of link juice, they virtually make no difference.
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    Can you guys suggest some backlinking services or softwares that you have used/use and have gotten results?
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    It looks like you are overthinking your onpage SEO. Just leave it as is, it is optimized enough.

    You now have the issue that you haven't done enough backlinking/offpage SEO, and/OR your keywords are just way to competitive and the whole practice of backlinking will get you nowhere if this is the case.

    Do you mind sharing the keywords with us? (or PM me)

    But yes, as stated above, 90% of SEO should be offsite (link building).
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    I disagree that 90% of seo is external backlinks.

    Site structure is one of the most important things with seo.

    Go 100% with on-page + off-page seo or stop wasting your time & get a 9-5 job offline.

    Some of the links posted on this forum that I see are just wasting time with off-page seo, considering the actual pages trying to be ranked in the SERPs.

    Get the site structure 100% correct, before you start off-page seo, otherwise your pissing in the wind.
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      I would have to agree with Yukon on this one. Leaving your site coding in a mess is just asking for trouble.

      6 <h1> tags, 6 <h2> tags and no xml sitemap you tell him he has "done enough"? I am calling foul on this one.

      Google themselves will tell you that proper use of heading tags and an accurate site map are important.

      Get the on site stuff right and your off site efforts will pay in bigger dividends.
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    That's good to know, It's very weird that you guys are saying that my content contains 6 H1 tags and 6 H2 tags as when I go in to the admin panel, most of my headings are H3 H4 H5. Is there a another plugin for this that further helps?

    Another question is the redirect link. When I go to check my backlinks, it shows no results fi I search Compare eReaders - Compare Top eReaders from 2011 Compare eReaders. On the contrary, if I type, it shows some of my backlinks. Is this a problem? If so what is the solution?
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    I was able to see all of the <h1> & <h2> tags by looking at your source code. As for your second question I am afraid I don't know what you are asking there.
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    Thx for the reply, I found the answer. I have another question.

    I just bought IBP along with senuke x. When IBP gives me the optimisation report, I only get 9% of the requirements to get on the #1 page of google for my keyword. I'm just wondering if I were to fix the problems according to IBP, is my site guranteed to rank first for my desired keyword?
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