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So... backlinking... not a huge fan... Currently I do one of 2 things... pay someone to do it, or, every now and then, add some blog comments.

I believe that link velocity is important though.

So... for a new site, is this what I'm supposed to do?

1) Add around 10 a day to high pr blogs, forums, web 2.0, social bookmarking etc...

2) Dont just focus on the homepage, or the same anchor text... is there an actual number here, like 25% homepage...

3) Ping backlinks or not? I'm guessing yes

4) Do this for a month

5) When do I backlink my backlinks... during or after the month? Does it matter.

6) Is it better to post different amounts each day... say 8 one day, 12 the next... as it looks more natural

7) If I have too many of my backlinks on one blog, different pages, is this bad?

8) Some keywords I've been targeting that made it to page 1 of google, have recently dissapeared... does this mean they've been peanalized? I may have over optimized these 3 keywords. Once I target other anchor text... will this fix this problem?

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    It's all about being natural so vary your amounts and types of links. You can ping some but not all, again this looks unnatural. Every time you build more than a few new links your site will do the Google Dance while they figure our where your new rank is for your keyword. Just stick with it and don't go crazy.
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    In terms of building links for websites, quality seems to be more important than quantity of the votes gained so do not try to focus too much on merely increasing the counts and instead look for directories, blogs and spots which can contain your links and still being related to your website niche. About homepage links, that is OK unless your internal pages too are to get optimized to get their own ranks. Apparently, using your inner pages you can target several keyword combinations.

    If you have recently launched your website and your domain has not been online for a year for example, those ranking disappearances could be natural as some webmasters believe that new sites, in competitive niches, will almost always encounter the ranking blocks that might also be named as the Google Sandbox. If you keep building good links for your website from a variety of sources and channels, you will be able to see those rankings backs, within days, weeks and sometimes months.
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