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My site appears at #3 in google.co.uk and at #5 at google.com. WHy is that? I mean there must be some trick that I should apply to make it appeat #3 on google.com. How can I fing that reason?
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    Google.co.uk is a smaller index that .com. Also, maybe you have more backlinks from UK sites. You need to analyse your links and traffic to see why the UK likes your page so much.
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      Google varies results in different countries due to local data.
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    As per my knowledge google separated its data for different region and it happens as your site must be linked with some UK sites which haves high PR. If you want to achieve top position in Google.com, then you have to generate more back links from .com extension. You can also go for US IP and hosting service.
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      different serp for different countries is known as localized search results. what can you do about it?

      1. use the GL parameter or get rank tracker to double check how you rank in each country of interest

      2. create separate pages - one for each region (building regional backlinks etc etc)

      3. keep monitoring your country specific rankings
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    It has also something to do on where your links come from. If you have many links from UK that linked to your site, then you are more likely to rank better in Google.com.uk
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    The search results not only depends upon the search engine version but also the actual geographic location of the user. e.g search result positions will be different if a user use the same search engine ( say .co.uk ) but from different locations like UK and USA.
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    @SEOtraveler Loving the new gl feature in Rank Tracker.

    @hsvdm You can also set a geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools.
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    Yes, I've had problems with checking my serps as well. I get different rankings on different browsers and from different datacenters.

    SeoTraveler thanks for the links. I like the rank tracker. the license for the powersuite is a little steep. However, I do like the free version. I just wish I could find a service online that was free and that worked. I've tried the one at seo chat and I always timeout on searches.

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    To improve google rankings in a specific country it is recommended to ensure backlinks you create are also on sites from that country. Once that is achieved it is all a matter of continuous backlinking until the site ranks on all the google countries.
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    The only tool available that generates 100% accurate reports for:

    - site ranking
    - top 10 google search results
    - advertisers in different geolocation

    for multiple keywords on multiple countries ( google.TLD ) and not only, even on GOOGLE.COM with diferent geolocation IP addresses is :

    www keywordsearchrankings com - Keyword Search Rankings - Keywords in SERP

    It is crawling google with the coresponding IP for each google.tld . All other platforms or software available on internet are building all reports with only one IP ( server IP if it is web based ) or your own IP if it is a software.

    Check this amazing tool and you will be impressed. You can forgot the old reports as long as they are not accurate.

    Most interesting is the results you will get. As example in US the ranking is changing depending on the city you are doing the search from .. and the differences are realy huge, in NY you could be in top 5 and in LA on 40 .

    Have fun, use it wisely!
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    As long as there are multiple datacentres, multiple ISP's and different ip addresses, there will be different results. Remember, Google 'tries' to return the most relevant results to the user....location, location location.
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