how come the PR is taking forever?:(

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Hi guys, im sorry if i have to ask here cause i looked for it online cant seem to find a good website explaining it.

Ive done link hijacking (using linkhijack of course), tubemogul, youtube, almost all the stuff and our webpage is still page rank 1. now i am just doign the linking and stuff i dont really know the progress of it. Like i cant see for myself if its working or not, cause my job is to create the links at the moment. i make so much and i just feel like my boss is getting mad at me cause nothing is happening, or that is how it feels like (him getting mad at me).

I work really hard and stuff, up to the end of the day im very exhausted. Ive made a lot of links so far although i cant go into detail with it (i probably shouldnt) but i think i am on the right track. Our niche is very flexible so its not difficult to incorporate it into a lot of things, example if i was goign to advertise our site using a teacher's website, i can find something in our niche to relate it to teaching or something.

So my question is how long is it going to be before it reaches page rank 2 at least? Thanks very much..

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    PR is always updated but it's only announce via the toolbar etc a few time a year. Keep doing what your doing and tell your boss PR isn't that important. If you're getting traffic and sales from your work, that's all that counts. Most general web users don't know what PR is and a change in PR doesn't necessarily give you a SERP jump.
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    Last update was August and it took 2 months. The one before took like 6 months. If you want to see changes in your PR, you might need more time. Probably sometime around January

    Alan Tay

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    You could very well be PR2 already or higher and you just have to wait for the official updates to roll out. There's nothing special about PR anyway unless you are building your own network or getting high PR incoming links, so what's the rush?
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    As you said that you are on the right track then keep moving but remember one thing that avoid spamming and try to collect more & more relevant back links for your site. You also have to do some analysis regarding the sites in which you are submitting links. As per my knowledge PR update takes place 2 to 3 times in a year so wait for the update and keep building links in mean time.
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      If you have links from high PR pages, you may be having a good PR already. As everyone said, wait for the update.
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