Very Low Adsense CPC Last Three Days?

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I was just searching to see if there were any other threads discussing this, but it doesn't seem like anyone has posted. Has anyone else noticed a large drop in Adsense CPC for the last few days? I do tend to see quite a bit of fluctuation around the beginning and end of the month as advertisers modify their Adwords budgets. However, I have never seen as much of a drop as I have experienced the last three days. It seems to be down by about 40% with the same traffic levels, CTR, and countries of origin...
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    I noticed the same thing. I was hoping it wasn't just me.
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    Yes, I've noticed the same thing as well. Same number of impressions and clicks and almost 50% less income. I was thinking maybe it had to do something with Halloween in addition to monthly fluctuations. Since it was Monday this year, it was like a long holiday (starting from Friday and spreading to 4 days in total).
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    Same here. Most of my ads are the google adwords advertisements. I'm also getting a lot of duplicated ads (like all 3 ads on the page are the same). This has been going on for 3 or 4 days. Maybe there aren't many ads to match my content right now. My traffic has been picking up so this is frustrating. I was hoping to make some money!
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    I have noticed this too for past some days. Same traffic but CPC has gone down.
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    Did anyone seen this occur this weekend? The number of impressions and clicks were the same or higher, but the total income was 50-60% less.

    The weekend this thread was posted, I didn't see any problems, in fact, I had higher clicks than usual.

    Anyone know why this occurs? Thanks.
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      I am experiencing exactly the same problem. My adsense earnings have dropped by over 50% for the last 3 weeks. I am getting the same amount of traffic but the number of clicks and revenue is dropping.

      My rank has not changed either, am still on the 1st page of google for a number of searches. Absolutely no idea why this is happening.

      I know that many people don't use link units but they seem to do well for me. I've noticed that the 4 link units have been replaced with 3 links which don't seem as attractive to click on. Not sure if this is a factor and it seems the option to set the number of link units that you can display seems to have gone now within adsense.

      Can anybody else confirm if they are having the same issues?? Also any ideas on what can be done?? It's really stressing me out.
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    Same thing here, maybe there are not enough publishers, and will pick up at the end of Nov and Dec
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