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by Xebekn
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I am looking for a fool proof method for verifying by phone 100% of the time. If any of you out there know a way, I will pay well for your knowledge as long as it is 100% accurate.

PM me
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    PLEASE let me know if you get this. I would love to know this as well. I was making a crap ton of money but needed multiple emails to set up accounts and this stupid verification thing screwed it all up.
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    Google chaddo, he has a Bl@ck H@t snail mail way of getting verified (PO Box). I haven't tried it but it looks like it would work.
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    Google still do 100% phone verification.

    Except i don't know how this works or can be setup.
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    i can still phone verify. 100% of the time. i have built 2000 listings since the phone restrictions went live.

    i currently am looking to do this on a large scale for companies like yourself, so let me know.
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    Yes i was tried one time post card method, till now i didn't received any card from Google local office. but now a days phone verification only available and easy to use.
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    I have a way that does not use mapmaker, and has 100% success rate in the US. find me on skype. its in my member details as i dont have enough posts to PM or write my email. try bmseely at big g
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    i have made improvements and can now get a listing live on google maps in less than 1 hour, if anyone is interested in such a service. Bulk orders take longer, but small urgent orders can be completed same day. find my skype details in my profile.
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    Nope still the phone verification by Google. And some of my old accounts which were prior to the phone verification step are now asking that I enter my phone number before I continue logging in to my account. Am I missing anything here.
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  • You can PM me. I will show you phone verification system that works 100 % of the time
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    Yes, for a google places account you can get verified by post card mail or phone verification.
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